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Volunteer Spotlight – Darren & Tracey Thomas

Volunteer Spotlight – Darren & Tracey Thomas

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Thomas family

We all know that any great event can’t work without the support of great people. And on this National Volunteers Week we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how much we appreciate each and every person who volunteers for us. Every volunteer makes a difference to the competitors on the day, with a friendly smile, or helping keep them on track and safe and so much more.
Volunteer Spotlight – Darren & Tracey Thomas
Event Location – Anglesea, Surfcoast Victoria
Darren and Tracey Thomas have been involved with Adventurethon since it began in Townsville in 2010. So when the family relocated to Melbourne Adventurethon was one of the things they missed about Townsville. “It is the mateship of the Adventurethonians that keeps bringing us back. , says Darren.

Tracey Thomas – fun times on the checkpoint

When Darren discovered Adventurethon was coming to Anglesea he was thrilled. He said, “We lived in Townsville for 11 years and to have our so loved Adventurethon down in our home state is wonderful. The oceans of Southern Victoria are a far cry of those in North Queensland. We enjoy our family time together, and if that’s in the outdoors even better.”
Tracey added, “We have done a several events in Townsville and Magnetic Island over the years and watched our kids compete with the juniors.  We have supported the Adventurethon as both competitors and as someone that helps out in what ever way we can, but it is seeing the kids digging into their own bag of personal endurance on the Sunday that we enjoy the most. We never thought we would get so much satisfaction out of pointing the way for competitors during an event like Adventurethon, but it gives us a big smile watching the men and women doing what they might have thought that they couldn’t do.”

Darren Thomas running in to the finish line at Adventurethon Anglesea 2015

DSC_0393“The best moment in volunteering at Adventurethon is the smiles on people faces when you give them some encouragement, or a lolly at a checkpoint, just when they needed it the most.”
“Volunteering in events of human endurance like Adventurethon will be a day of enjoyment and satisfaction, and you will want to come back again the following year and race yourself! Cheers – the Thommos”

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