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Women making a mark in Adventurethon

Women making a mark in Adventurethon

photo credit: Scott & Mandie CheersSince the beginning, Adventurethon has included women in the races. Adventurethon has always been about providing family friendly and inclusive challenges, with something for every fitness level and ability. But as a sport that was predominantly enjoyed by men, the male/female ratio was skewed towards the men.
The Taste of Adventurethon was created originally for women and beginners who were wives and support crew for men racing in the bigger events.
“We saw a need when women were frequently telling us how they wanted to try these races but were not confident to do the bigger events, or they could not fit the training time required between their other commitments (family, employment etc)” says race director Joel Savage

Andrea Peebles Photo credit: Phil Copp Photography

Andrea Peebles
Photo credit: Phil Copp Photography

Having the Taste on Sunday enabled women to now participate and be a part of the event, including not just the wives and supporters, but also the average fitness enthusiast or gym goer.
2012 saw the biggest growth of the Taste of Adventurethon women, even necessitating a separate start time. Over the years since then there has been an increasing trend and Adventurethon now typically sees a larger number of women throughout the entire weekend’s event. This is an unusual prevalence amongst multisport events.
low res bng girl“We saw women beginning in the Taste of Adventurethon, and now we have noticed a trend of them moving up to the longer events as their confidence and skills improve. Now husbands and partners are being made to share the training time and allow their wives to step up to the Saturday events (Ultra, Enduro and Duathlon)”.
2015’s Adventurethon National Challenge will see the highest number of Ultra Adventurethon girls ever, with so far already 8 women registered and traveling from other states to join in. With prize money on offer, the women are not only stepping up, but showing how it’s done, achieving some very impressive times over the distances.
To accommodate for the influx of women racing, we have included a crèche at both the Townsville and Magnetic Island events. Now there is no need for fighting over who gets to race on Saturday.
Tegan Maguire_SRCraftNext time someone says ‘you race like a girl’, tell them, thanks, try to keep up!
Adventurethon National Challenge is on July 4 & 5, 2015 at Pallarenda
Contact details: Joel Savage – Race Director 0447 496 489  info@adventurethon.com.au

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