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2016 kicks off in style with Adventurethon Albany!

2016 kicks off in style with Adventurethon Albany!

We want to thank everyone for coming down to compete, support and Volunteer over the weekend! What a terrific weekend we had, increased numbers and tremendous vibe from competitors and families.
Firstly we would like to say how proud we are of everyone who competed. Well Done! Thank you on behalf of the Adventurethon Team, without YOU we would not be able to hold such an event!
Thank you to all the competitors who travelled long distances to participate. We understand the value of traveling and are thrilled you took the time to come and join us.
Thank you to sponsors, who make our events possible and continue to enable us to give you the best possible experience every time. Make sure you head to their shops, Facebook pages and business and let them know Adventurethon sent you.
Thank you to the guys who helped with track marking and track clearing of the trails before and after the event. You have been a brilliant help.
And lastly, but definitely not least, a special thank you to all the people who volunteered and supported our event in the lead up to the event and over the weekend. You guys make all the difference at our events and we appreciate every one of you.
Here’s the wrap up of the weekend!
Perfect Conditions, picturesque scenery! 
Athletes and supporters gathered at Anzac Peace Park to compete or cheer on the adventurous on the weekend. Moderate conditions meant the weekend was looking set for perfect conditions.

category logos anglesea ultra high res


Paddlers coming around the Cheynes II (Photo credit Lex Porebski)

Ultra Paddlers headed out past the shipwreck, Cheynes Whaling boat and then through the scenic Ataturk Chanel (named in 1985 in a reciprocal gesture as the beach at Gallipoli was named “Anzac Cove”).  After a 2km rock hopping run competitors got back into their kayaks and headed out to the turning buoy to make their way back towards transition. Once paddlers got to the turn buoy, they experienced good runners back. The 18kn North Easterly, along with good swells made for an enjoyable paddle back, with many paddlers just surfing the whole way, using minimal paddle strokes. Albany has some of the most stunning paddling conditions and views all year round. It is worth locking a paddle here into your calendar any time you are in the area!

Once back on the mainland, competitors set out on their mountain bikes. This years mountain bike course was a MASSIVE highlight for people – with great views, differences in difficulty, and terrain. The course had a combination of granite, pea gravel, limestone, sand, downhill tracks, wooden berm and even a stair section – enough to entertain most mountain bike enthusiasts and give your skills a real challenge.
Runners headed out for a scenic and challenging run, with a deviation off the Port to Middleton boardwalk where the track saw competitors rock hopping over large rocks and boulders only metres from the water.
One of the water safety crew commented to us how impressed he was to see a lady fall out and get back in about 23 times. “Some people just came to prove to the world what they could do, others came to prove it to themselves”…and that is what it is all about!
Elite Ultra

_MG_0753 (1280x808)

Jarad Kohlar, Elite Raidlight Ultra Champion (photo credit Vicki Lyn Photography)


Douglas Lewin, 3rd Elite Male, Ultra Adventurethon (photo credit Vicki Lyn Photography)

Jarad Kohlar, tried his hand at Adventurethon Albany, after previously having wins in all the other states where Adventurethon is held. Jarad took the Raidlight Ultra Elite win, blitzing the 7km Paddle, 2km trail run, 9km Paddle, 22km Mountain Bike & 13km Trail run & rock hop in only (3:39:02). The excitement was heightened by seeing unknown Adventurethoner, Tom Chadbourne, keeping within throwing distance of Jarad during most of the race, crossing the line 2nd in (3:58:45) with Douglas Lewin (who celebrated his 16th birthday just a week prior to Adventurethon Albany) coming in to take 3rd place (4:26:00).
Male Opens
Ross Lewin finished first Male Open with a time of 04:28:31, Kenny Mcgonnell finished second  in Male Open (with a time of 05:10:27)
ross lewin

Ross Lewin, first Male Open Winner (photo credit Vicki Lyn Photography)

Male Masters 40+
Keiron Benson (4:31:00) was the first Male Master to cross the finish line, and Timothy Sikma second 04:44:22 with Grant Pepper finishing third in 05:21:02.
keiron benson

Keiron Benson, first Male Master, Ultra Adventurethon

Male Grand Masters 50+
Tim Roach was the first Male Grand Master across the finish line in 05:34:47. Andrew Hewlett crossed second with 05:35:06 and Alan Nicholls crossing third in 05:44:14.
Clydesdale Over 90kg
John Toomey crossed the finish line first in the Clydesdale category in 04:45:40.
Open Females
Jodie Willet took a wrong turn on the paddle, ending up with the Enduro competitors, but still doing the Ultra ride and runs. We look forward to seeing her come back and finish off what she started. Being an avid mtb’er, she has adapted to the format easily and we see big potential. With ride and run lap times close to the top male finishers we believe she will kick butt next time we see her!
bae hooper

Bae Hooper, Winner Female Masters Raidlight Ultra Photo credit Lex Porebski

Female Masters 40+
Bae Hooper decided to tackle Adventurethon again, having competed when the course travelled through miles of sand. She was rewarded with a first placing in her age group 06:06:38
Our teams showed us how encouragement and group support can get you that extra mile with Speed Demons coming through on top finishing 1st place (04:41:30). Team Early Paddlers took 2nd place (05:37:04) and Team Testing – 1, 2, 3… finished in 3rd place (06:11:58).
It was good to see a mixture of people in the Go Paddle Sports Enduro this year, with a woman, Phip Hughes blitzing the field and taking out first place, finishing over 7 minutes ahead of the 2nd finisher.

Phip Hughes, Fastest Enduro (photo credit Lex Porebski)

Male Opens
Daniel Byrne bettered his last years result, coming 1st place in the Open Male category (04:30:54). Joe Mclean finished in 2nd place (04:32:52) with Shane Pierce finishing 3rd (04:49:37).
Male Masters 40+
In the 40+ category, Greg Strachan crossed the line first with 04:03:25. David Butler crossed second in 04:17:19 and Paul Cochrane finished third in 04:42:38.
Female Opens
Phip Hughes was the overall winner in the Go Paddle Sports Enduro and the first female over the line in (03:56:49). Pippa Kenworthy was the second female Open to cross the finish line in 05:12:11
Female Masters 40+
Janet Musker finished first in the Female Masters category in 05:08:54.
Female Grand Master 50+
Diane Broad finished first in the Female Grand Masters Category in 05:13:16.
Team Three bears were first to see the finish line in the Enduro race finishing in 04:27:47. Team Outdoor addicts were the next, taking 2nd place (04:27:59). Team ADHOC Orienteers finished 3rd (04:37:22).
dirty duathlon - duathlon
Male Opens
The first Male open to finish the AON Dirty Duathlon was Jack Dunn in only (02:33:48). Samuel Reeves finished in 2nd place (02:50:53) and Martin Wilkinson in 3rd (04:26:55).
Male Masters 40+
The first Duathlon in the Male Masters category over the line was the Brett Reeves (02:42:47) with Chris Joy in second place (03:32:22) and team Dumb & Dumber coming in in 3rd place in the teams (3:15:39). Special shout out to Steve Davies who returned to the Dirty Duathlon after a previous DNF and only just learned stair descending skills at the Skills Clinics – and finished 3rd in Male Masters Category in 04:41:26.
Team Tricky crossed the finish line first in the Dirty Duathlon  02:52:08, Team Smecca 2nd place 03:32:56 and  Team Hugh Jarse third with  03:49:05.
Sundays Events…
We love seeing our Taster’s have a great time out on course! And this year was no exception. The Taste of Adventurethon and Juniors were so exciting to watch. And this course, for a Junior, is as tough as you can get, so anyone who got up and had a go should hold their head high. We think you are amazing!! The format is nice, with beautiful scenery and exciting tracks.
Many of our Sunday competitors spent all Saturday volunteering! Now that’s some dedication.

Albany Taste of Adventurethon & Junior Start (photo credit Lex Porebski)

albany ans taste
Anthony Wise crossed the finish line in 1st place for the Males category (01:22:37). James Knowlson was only just behind claiming 2nd place (01:38:38). Andrew Chiswell was the third Male to finish in 01:51:09.
Dinah Roecker finished first in the Female Category (01:13:01). Grace Knowlson finished second with (01:38:37) and Val Oniell finished second (01:49:06).
The top finishing teams shared a bit of friendly rivalry, with both Team Injectors and Team Fully being hospital teams, exchanging cheeky banter back and forth and really getting into the fun. Team The Injectors were first across the line in 01:04:23. Team Fully finished in 01:10:49 and team Naked Bubbles finished 3rd in  01:19:43.
category logos anglesea junior
Our Juniors exceeded our expectations, but they always impress. The course is tough and those who step up and give it a go, when adults won’t, display exactly what they are made of.
A big SHOUT OUT to the mums and dads who aren’t competing but run or ride alongside their juniors to make sure they get where they need to. Families being active together – we love it!
Male 8-12yrs
Ronan Stoner claimed 1st place for his age category finishing in only (00:58:14), improving on last years 2nd place. In 2nd place, Jacques Swarts finished second behind (01:03:15) then followed by Fergus Martin in 3rd (01:06:03).
Female 8-12yrs
Maya Wood finished first in her age group (01:24:45). Skye Mclean finished second in her age group with 01:41:18 and Mia Middleton finished third 01:51:36.
Male 13-17yrs
Murray Lewin finished first in his age group (00:57:00). Rex Bakker crossed the line second in his age group with 01:03:57 and Chad Mclean finished 3rd in 01:08:45.
Female 13-17 yrs
Rebecca Cotton was first in her age group (01:14:51). Sophie Adeline finished second 01:23:46.

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