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DIY Cleat Position

DIY Cleat Position

Special Thanks to Daina Clark (Senior Podiatrist and Bootcamp Instructor) for this great step by step to DIY Cleat Position.cleatThere are lost of theories about how to set up your cleats but like most things to do with bike set up there is no hard and fast rules. Often it comes down to the individual and how they ride. Remember Goldilocks? Not too far forward, not too far back but just right. So where do you start?
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First of all you need to find what is known as your 1st metatarsal phalangeal joint or more simply the ball of you foot. It is where your big toe bends!
img 2
Once you’ve located it, mark it with a dot and then put a washer over the dot with some sticky tape.
img 3
Then pop your shoe on and feel for the washer marking the ball of your foot.
img 4
Because you’ve got yourself brand new shoes and don’t want to ruin them straight out of the box, rather than using a pen, mark the location of the washer with some masking tape and continue the tape under the shoe in a straight line.
img 5
And voila! You have yourself the ball of the foot nicely marked on the sole of your new shoe! Remove the central piece of the tape to reveal the cleat housing.
img 6
Then all you need to do it set the cleats slightly behind the taped line as this aids stability and reduces load on the calf. Remember as an Adventurethonner who will be running off the bike we want to save our calves for the run. Start with a position 3-5mm behind the line.
Tighten the screws and head out for a ride to check how it all feels.
Remember, you’ll need to re-tighten the cleats after your first long day in the saddle. And of course if you are experiencing any difficulty getting your cleats sorted, perhaps you need a shim or to adjust for an in or out toe foot position; head to your local bike shop or bike fitter and ask for some help.
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Daina Clark

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