13th October 2018 Mackay – 3 events – 3 locations


1st December 2018 Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW


Adventurethon organisers celebrate their 21st event with a spectacular 21st party on Magnetic Island this March 19 & 20.

21st pic webAdventurethon organisers celebrate their 21st event with a spectacular 21st party on Magnetic Island this March 19 & 20.

From humble beginnings in 2010, where Joel and Tamara Savage decided to run an outdoor multisport activity with the aim of getting people into the outdoors, to today where they have taken their race nationally, Adventurethon is the ultimate story of adventure. The Adventurethon journey all started here, in Townsville, North Queensland and it is only fitting that the 21st event is on Magnetic Island – the ultimate party destination.

With the tagline ‘Explore Australia with us’, they now run events in Coffs Harbour (NSW), Anglesea (Vic), Albany & Kalbarri (WA) as well as Magnetic Island and National Challenge (both in Townsville, QLD), there is always an adventure to be had around some of the most stunning parts of the Australian coastline.

Adventurethon poster micoIn 2010 at Pallarenda, Townsville, the first Adventurethon event started with a line-up of just 79 competitors, who paddled to West Point on Magnetic Island, ran 14km on the island, paddled back to the mainland. Once back on the mainland they rode 29 km around the Town Common (in conditions that saw many of those kms riding through sand and finished with a 6km run up Pallarenda beach and down to Shelley Beach and back. With 79 competitors in the first year to 2000  competitors, hundreds of volunteers and thousands of family members and support crew over the course of 2015 and six events, Adventurethon has seen continual growth, with more and more participants looking to join the fun and find out exactly how tough and dirty they are.

Adventurethon attracts competitors from all abilities and skill levels, from top athletes from around Australia like Jarad Kohlar (one of Australia’s best Adventure racers, trail runners and Paddling instructors), Guy Andrews (3 x Uncle Toby’s Ironman winner turned Adventure racer), John Jacoby (3 times World Multisport Champion), and internationally such as Sam Clark (professional adventure athlete), Jess Simson (professional adventure athlete) to mid-range competitors challenging themselves with new goals, to regular mums and dads having a go at their first off road event and families getting outdoors together. Whatever the skill level or ability, there is an option to suit each person.

The best thing about Adventurethon is the ability to compete side by side with some of the countries’ top athletes and then all come together at the end of the day after the race, enjoy a cold beer and a laugh about the adventure, tears and sweat from the day.

To mark the 21st Adventurethon event, Adventurethon will kick off Friday 18th March at night with a party atmosphere at Picnic Bay that will continue all weekend. Book your accommodation on the island, plan to stay all weekend and be part of the fun, which will include bands, fireshows, displays and so much more.

Registrations will open Friday 29th January, and with previous years selling out, we expect this year will be no different. More info at www.adventurethon.com.au or contact Joel Savage on 0447496489