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Team Australia heads to Coast to Coast in New Zealand this February

Team Australia heads to Coast to Coast in New Zealand this February

Team Australia will be heading to Coast to Coast race in New Zealand this February with a contingent of Aussie athletes proud to be representing their country.

karen masson marlow - Copy

Karen Masson – Adventurethon National Challenge 2015

Karen Masson (from Coffs harbour NSW) & Jarad Kohlar (from Melbourne) both won free entries to Coast to Coast by winning Adventurethon National Challenge in Townsville in 2015 and we look forward to seeing how they go – we will be keeping track of them as they compete.
Jarad rocks

Jarad Kohlar – Winner Adventurethon National Challenge 2015

Karen says, “I’m really excited and nervous about going to the Coast to Coast. It’s been on my bucket list since I started adventure racing ten years ago. Winning a free entry at Adventurethon just made it that bit more possible.”
We are excited the New Zealand winners of Coast to Coast will also have the opportunity to head to Adventurethon Magnetic Island to compete. Last year Sam Clark, Jess Simson and Toby Nielsen (were podium finishers at Adventurethon from the New Zealand contingent that came over to Magnetic Island) and loved competing. It’s a completely different climate for competitors to adjust to and was great to hear how they noted the humidity and heat.
Interviews about their experience can be seen here.
Definitely something our team Australia athletes will need to consider, given that it is so many degrees cooler than Australia (especially North Queensland). With maximums around 27 degrees (and a good 10 degrees cooler in the river crossings) the Aussie athletes will certainly be in for a climate adjustment!
Joel Savage, Adventurethon Event Director, is heading over to compete and says “knowing I could step into most 1 day multisport events and survive, the coast to coast in New Zealand felt like much more of a challenge and something that would push my own comfort zones and so I jumped at the chance. If I, as a 100kg man can look at an event like this – you can definitely consider Adventurethon Magnetic Island”
More about Coast to Coast at www.coasttocoast.co.nz
More info about Adventurethon Magnetic Island at www.adventurethon.com.au/events/magnetic-island

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