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60 Seconds with Cassandra Bright

60 Seconds with Cassandra Bright

29665743_1815340941851734_1140712434_nAt 185kg, barely able to walk, severely depressed and suicidal, Cassandra Bright was anything but an athlete.
But somewhere in her last ditch at hope for a better life, she had gastric bypass surgery and her new life began. Cassandra says, “After successful surgery I adopted a new approach to everything in life. I continually pushed myself to escape my comfort zone and began exercising and meeting people in supportive environments. I learnt how to ride a bike again and got the taste for adventure.”


photo courtesy of Chanel 9 ‘This Time Next Year’

You might recognize her from the Channel 9 TV show “This Time Next Year”, where they followed her journey from the start to 12 months on.
During this time she joined a local women’s “body positive” hiking group who were encouraging women to enter the 2016 Adventurethon Anglesea. With about two months before Adventurethon, Cassandra thought she better learn how to kayak and ride a bike again. When we met her there she was partway through her journey (at 135kgs) completing the Taste of Adventurethon in 3 hours and 27 minutes.
“With the encouragement from Joel and his fabulous encouraging and patient team at Adventurethon I got the courage to give it a whirl. I finished just as they began the awards ceremony. It had taken me 3 hours and 27 mins and I’d never jogged before, but seeing all those people at the finish line with them all cheering me on and supporting me I used what I had left to jog to the finish line. I got my first ever medal and Joel gave me a Hi 5 and I sat down and just wept as the whole experience of community and support from complete and total strangers supporting me and cheering me on along the entire course was something I had never experienced before in my life. It was overwhelming in a soul awakening way!”

Good buddies cheering each other on through their adventure

“This time I am looking forward to the fact that I am fit enough to participate in not only the Taste of Adventurethon Sunday 15th but also the 11km Great Ocean Trail Run on Saturday 14th. That this time I can actually run/jog the majority of the course and to volunteer to support other’s as they supported me. I am looking forward to giving back to the community that gave to me.”
Cassandra is now 57kg lighter (78kg), a regular at her local running group, The Running Divas and we just know she is going to absolutely smoke her time from previous event! We believe in you Cassandra and can’t wait to see how amazing you will feel this time!
If you would like to be part of something that challenges and supports you the Taste of Adventurethon is a perfect option for you. Come join us in Anglesea April 15 for your next adventure.
Rego today so you don’t miss out.

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