1st December 2018 Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW


Adventurethon Demolish Anglesea Wrap Up 2018

We want to thank everyone for coming to compete, support and Volunteer over the weekend of Adventurethon Demolish in Anglesea! It was so rewarding for us watching the brilliant time you were all having out on course after our months of work put in to creating this for you.

Firstly we would like to say how proud we are of everyone who competed. Well Done! Thank you on behalf of the Adventurethon Team, without YOU we would not be able to hold such an event!

Thank you to all the competitors who travelled long distances to participate. We understand the value of traveling and are thrilled you took the time to come and join us.

Thank you to sponsors, who make our events possible and continue to enable us to give you the best possible experience every time. Make sure you head to their shops, Facebook pages and business and let them know Adventurethon sent you.

And lastly, but definitely not least, a special thank you to all the people who volunteered and supported our event in the lead up to the event and over the weekend. You guys make all the difference at our events and we appreciate every one of you.

Here’s the wrap up of the weekend!

To say the weather has been a challenge would be an understatement. In the true spirit of adventure, Anglesea weather sure turned it on, with gale force winds, intermittent rain and temperatures in the 11’s and single digits. The wind factor forcing a change the downwind paddle from ocean downwinder to a lap style paddle in the river. There were many factors that could have meant no racing would happen. But we like to give the same determination and focus that we encourage each of our athletes to do…so we made sure it worked and you all still had an enjoyable, safe race to be part of.


Single Track Attack

Midkhat Izmaylov - 018_2395

Photo credit Midkhat Izmaylov

Midkhat Izmaylov - 018_1838

Photo credit Midkhat Izmaylov

Shout out to the mountain bikers, with the weather we had, every single competitor still showed up for their race and completed it. You’re a tough bunch!

The mountain bike course began with a small loop around the river, culminating in a trip over the kayak bridge (you loved it, we know) before heading out on the trails. With a choice of either 22km or 30km all riders were set to have a great ride.

First finishers in the Ultra Distance were Jarrod Peachey, Leo Theoharis & Paul Patrick.

In the women’s Ultra first was Maria Plyashechko, then Bernadette Dornam and Jo Hand.

You can see full results for the Single Track Attack HERE

Surfcoast Downwinder

Midkhat Izmaylov - 018_2339

Photo credit Midkhat Izmaylov

As previously mentioned, the weather forced the paddle into the river (better than losing your event right?!). For some paddler this was a welcomed change, while others had been keen on the downwinder experience. Ultra distance paddlers did 5 laps of the marked buoy while Enduro distance paddlers did 2.

The strength of the wind gave some assistance to paddlers as they headed out, but meant on the return it was some hard going.

First finishers in the Ultra Distance were Ivor Morgan, Paul Patrick & Leo Theoharis.

First finishers in the women’s were Maria Plyashechko, Wendy McAlpine and Bernadette Dornam.

You can see full results for the Surfcoast Downwinder HERE

Great Ocean Trail Run

Midkhat Izmaylov - 018_2250

Photo credit Midkhat Izmaylov

Storm warnings threatened and wind buffeted….but in the end, the conditions on the run were cool and a little drizzly…although a little muddy in places. Runners chose between 11km and 18km.

First finishers in the Ultra Distance were Sam Maffett, Serge Kurvo & Steve Bullock.

First finishers in the women’s Ultra were Bernadette Dornam, Maria Plyashechko and Wing It.

You can see full results for the Great Ocean Trail Run HERE


Midkhat Izmaylov - 018_2258

Photo credit Midkhat Izmaylov

Ultimate Demolish

For the Ultimate Demolish event, timings from each of the 3 stages so far are added together, plus the Sprint time to create the Ultimate Demolish Champion.

Sunday 15th April

Stage 4 – Sprint Adventurethon

Sundays events started with the SPRINT ADVENTURETHON. This was stage 4 for competitors doing the Ultimate Demolish competition. With more overnight rain, and still plenty of wind, the going was a little slower than expected. But competitors soon finished and the final tally had the 1st and 2nd place Ultimate Demolish winners separate by 1 second!

Sprint Adventurethon winners were Cameron Shakespeare, Leo Theoharis and Jarrod Peachey.

Sprint Adventurethon Results HERE

First placed Ultra winners in the Ultimate Demolish Ultra Distance were Serge Kurov, Leo Theoharis and Jarrod Peachey.

First placed Ultimate Demolish Ultra distance female winners were Maria Plyashechko, Bernadette Dornam and Deanna Blegg.

You can see full results HERE

Taste of Adventurethon & Junior Adventurethon

Midkhat Izmaylov - 018_2574

Photo credit Midkhat Izmaylov

The beginners TASTE OF ADVENTURETHON and JUNIOR ADVENTURETHON course brought so many smiling faces. They just couldn’t get enough of the action and found their bikes completely covered in mud a badge of honour.

Taste of Adventurethon Winners were Sophie Strickland, Amy Brennan and FYINDY.

Taste of Adventurethon Results HERE

Winning Juniors were Felix Davis, Riley Wollem & Ned Gray

Junior Adventurethon Results HERE

The weekend was a huge hit, and the atmosphere was buzzing, even with all the weather challenges. The gas heaters were a huge hit with competitors chatting around them for ages, laughing and discussing their event.

We loved putting this event on for you and are so proud of the toughness and adventurous spirit you all showed through the wind, rain and that epic mud! Until next time – keep on being adventurous.


The Adventurethon Team