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Adventurethon App creates a live tracker device out of your smart phone

Adventurethon App creates a live tracker device out of your smart phone

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Participants at the upcoming Coffs Harbour Adventurethon this October 10 and 11  will be part of a new revolution in Endurance Sports.
“The new Adventurethon App made by Cloud Three allows friends and family to track an athlete over the course making it easy to keep tabs on where they are. It also allows people from around the world to track certain athletes and follow the sport from afar “
Some interested parties in the upcoming Coffs harbour Adventurethon will be the top New Zealand Competitors who are expecting a number of visitors by Adventurethon competitors to the Coast to coast event in new Zealand 2016.last years Top Female Competitor Karren Masson who recently won free entry to the NZ race in Townsville will be one that the kiwis are watching ahead of her first C2C. The female field is stacked with a few top girls from the South east QLD and Northern NSW area which we will announce soon we know you  will enjoy the competition.
Male competitors will be interesting to watch as Guy Andrews in some of the best form of his life at 44 yrs will have some stiff competition from Peak adventure athlete James Pretto and Western Australian Champion Kris Plain plus a swag of previous years competitors that have yet to announce their current form.
As well as allowing it tracking of well known athletes it is going to be great to track the first time competitors to be able to keep another set of eyes on competitors as well as allowing friends and family to be a part of the day and report their progress to their social media followers.
The team at Cloud Three who developed the app originally participated as a team in the 2014 Adventurethon events and straight after the Townsville event they went straight to the drawing board to work out how they could create an App to stay in touch with each other over the course. A few chats with the Event Director for ideas, plus countless hours of coding, building, and testing by Cloud Three and the first release of the Adventurethon App was born.
One of the best features of the app is that it turns a standard Apple or Android smartphone into GPS tracking beacon with an inbuilt emergency button so if anyone is in trouble on course the event Coordinators can be notified easily.
Download the app NOW in preparation for race day

  1. Download the Adventurethon app in either google play or the Apple app store
  2. Prior to the race All registered participants will be given a unique code to log into the app and turn it into a live tracking beacon
  3. Get a waterproof case to make it paddle proof and sort out where it will go during the event (try the back pocket of a cycle/ tri  kit or into a hydration pack)
  4. Day before race- Enter your unique code if you haven’t already done so
  5. Race morning- turn the app onto tracking about 5 to 10  minutes before the race starts so that people can start tracking you
  6. After the race turn off tracking

The Adventurethon App is the first phase of a technological breakthrough for the Endurance market and will serve as the basis for other events to customise their event experience for participants. The Adventurethon App is free to download from the Google Play store and the Apple App Store now.
applestore   googleplay
To waterproof your phone there is a 10% discount for anyone using the Adventurethon app on Overboard Cases which are allow full use of the phone even in the case and is very popular amongst water sports enthusiasts. Simply enter “adventurethon” as your coupon code in the overboard store.
The most popular cases
Small Case & Iphone: http://www.over-board.com.au/waterproof-iphone-case-aqua.html
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Large case/ Samsung: http://www.over-board.com.au/waterproof-large-phone-case.html
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“Since the Adventurethon App went into the Google Play store, we have already been getting enquiries from other events throughout the country who want to have a similar app customised to suit their event and incorporate some of their ideas” Says Cloud Three App Designer James.

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