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Step by Step Guide to Adventurethon Coffs Harbour

Step by Step Guide to Adventurethon Coffs Harbour

If you REALLY want to try Adventurethon Coffs Harbour but are unsure which race to choose, between Ultra and Taste and what do they all entail, then head HERE. It is all about how to choose the event that is best for you.
Are you doing the whole thing, or are you going to be part of a team? And have you got your own team or do you need a little help finding team mates? If you want to get some help with finding team mates try our FIND A TEAM MATE option HERE.
Ok, you have selected which race to do, now you need equipment.
For any bike or kayak hire head HERE. Some hire equipment must be booked by 30th September so make sure you get onto it straight away.
To ensure you haven’t forgotten any items you may need during your race. (Remember some items are mandatory). Equipment checklist HERE
When you get to Coffs Harbour – you will want to stay somewhere. Check out some of our accommodation partners HERE.
If you have brought your family there are plenty of other activities to do while you are in Coffs Harbour – we have a list of some of them HERE.
Download the Adventurethon App and get your family and mates to track you while you race! A super cool addition to the Adventurethon experience. More info can be found HERE
Friday 9th October is the MANDATORY Pre-race briefing (& Carb up dinner) at C’ex
6 – 8pm
C.ex Coffs
1 Vernon Street, Coffs Harbour
02 6652 3888
BRIEFING WILL BE AT 7PM (Briefing is mandatory). Please pre purchase your dinner HERE
Any questions you have about the race will be either answered at the briefing or you can speak to one of our staff for more information.
Keep up to date with any new information, maps, and activities on our FACEBOOK page HERE.
When planning your flights/buses/trains etc home, it is good to remember that presentations for Saturdays activities are on Saturday night at The Pier Hotel. We definitely recommend including an extra days stay so you can do something ‘fun’ as well on your trip.
Presentations are at 6:20 pm (get in a few minutes earlier order your meals and grab a drink)
The Pier Hotel at Waves Bistro (in the back)
phone 02 6652 2110
We will put up any photos we have onscreen and prizes  will be picked up onsite including prizes from Raidlight Australia who will allow you to cash in your vouchers on the night to get better valued prizes! (SO COME ALONG )

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