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Athlete Profile – Daina Clarke

Athlete Profile – Daina Clarke

Today’s athlete profile: Daina Clarke. Keep an eye out – more athlete stories to follow.

daina low resDaina is  a Maggie Island local who just loves being outdoors and pushing herself to awesome things. She motivates and inspires others to do the same. We hit her up for a bit more info about herself. Here’s what she had to say.

Have you always been active?
I’ve always been an on the go kind of girl who would rather be outside enjoying the fresh air getting active than inside.
Why Adventurethon?
The Adventurethon is such a great format for racing. And being a Maggie Islander it is fantastic to be able to race on my home trails.
Tell us about why do you do off road events
In the past I’ve dabbled with triathlon but was a terrible swimmer slash  I sunk like a brick.  I love trail running and MTB’ing so Adventurethon is a perfect fit for me. I’d much rather be running  out on the dirt, up and down dale than pounding  the pavements and MTB’ing makes me feel like a kid again. I love the challenge of climbing the  trails. The Telstra Track is so much fun to descend!!
Do you think you could take home a win?
This year I’m competing in the dirty duo as a team with Karey Corrie who is a mighty fine runner and  the MTB trails on the island are my playground so I’m thinking we might give the boys a run for their money
Where do you feel your strengths lie? see above
Who inspires you to push yourself?
My motto is ‘Best The Best You’ –  It’s all about giving it your best shot and seeing what is achievable.
Describe the atmosphere on magnetic island during race weekend?
one word for you AWESOME
Where do you live and play?
Maggie Island
How important is your support crew to achieving your goals? 
Couldn’t do it without the support of my partner Deb.
What does your race day breakfast look like?
Crumpets with honey washed down with a double shot coffee
What’s the one piece of equipment that goes with you to every race and why?
My Trek Fuel is a rock eating, do- it- all trail machine. It kinda feels like I’m cheating.
What piece of advice would you give someone attempting their first Adventurethon?
Pace yourself. Don’t go out to hard to early – giving yourself every chance to finish strongly.
How do you feel about the home turf advantage?
How do I feel about the home turf advantage?  Non too shabby!
I love the trails on Maggie, if you’re looking for me on a weekend that’s where I’ll be. I know them like the back of my hand  so definitely have no excuses given such massive home turf knowledge.

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