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Athlete Profile – Sam Stedman

Athlete Profile – Sam Stedman

Today’s athlete profile: Sam Stedman. Keep an eye out – more athlete stories to follow.
Sam Stedman about to embark on a comeback with some minutes defecit from the paddle We spoke to local favourite Sam Stedman. Sam is a Multiple Adventurethon champion and 2014’s Magnetic Island and Townsville Adventurethon winner. You will usually find Sam on one of the many trails, hills or bike tracks around Townsville and Magnetic Island.
Have you always been active?
Yes, I played soccer from age 5 until is was 24 . In my late teens I took up bike racing and running and after walking the kokoda track when I was 21 I found endurance adventure sports.
Why Adventurethon?
Because It’s our local multi sport race and I will always support local events. I am passionate about helping people to play outside and stay fit and healthy and this is one way I can lead by example.
Tell us about why do you do off road events.
My favourite type of racing is adventure racing, I like the team aspect and every race course is different and you get to see some amazing places.
Why makes you feel you are going to win Adventurethon Magnetic Island?
You don’t feel you are going to win Adventurethon until you are running down picnic bay mall ad there is no one in front of you. I am confident I can do well because I have been training hard and I have the fastest bike and run splits on this course and my paddling is constantly improving. I race well in the heat and I know the course well. But all that said there is still a lot to go right or wrong on race day.
Where do your strengths lie?_MG_8761
My run is my strongest and I have been running well, I recently posted a PB marathon time of 2:38 and I am training for an ultra marathon.  I know the course and I race well in the heat.
Who inspires you to push yourself?
I wanted to race against the best in game, I can do that. Now I need to prove I am good enough to win. It’s the people at the top of the field that drive me to work harder.
Describe the atmosphere on magnetic island during race weekend?
The Island is always a great relaxing place with a slower pace then the mainland. It’s a well supported event and creates great race atmosphere.
Where do you live and play?
I live in Townsville, I love to play outside in our tropical paradise
How important is your support crew to achieving your goals?
I have a great support network that helps me year round with my racing and training. It really is a team effort to get over the finish line.
What does your race day breakfast look like? Honey on toast and a banana
What’s the one piece of equipment that goes with you to every race and why?
My TNF 100 Visor. Because that is one of my favourite races, sometimes when you need to dig deep the thought of what you go through in that race helps.
What piece of advice would you give someone attempting their first Adventurethon?
Let your fitness be the deciding factor on your result, not your excuses. training is only one aspect of the race, you need to get your gear logistics and nutrition right.
DOM_9117How do you feel about the home turf advantage?
Racing at home is great but it’s not all to my advantage. Personally, my own business, Outer Limits plays a big part of the weekend and I need to wear my work hat.  There is also the added pressure of being the local favourite. But, we all have to race the same course in the same conditions.

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