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Athlete Profile – Guy Andrews

Athlete Profile – Guy Andrews

Time to share some of our Athlete’s stories. Today’s athlete profile: Guy Andrews.
Keep an eye out – more athlete stories to follow.
Who is Guy Andrews? Guy has an extensive history in Ironman and triathlon. And over the time has transitioned into offroad adventure as well. 2013 saw Guy have his first hit out at Adventurethon Magnetic Island, coming in third behind Jarah Kohlar and Sam Stedman. Guy didn’t make it back to Magnetic Island in 2014 due to injury, but is set to hit the ground running for the 2015 Magnetic Island Adventurethon.
Some of Guy’s history includes:
Surf Life Saving

  • Three time Uncle Tobys Ironman series champion
  • Ten time Uncle Tobys Ironman series race winner
  • Australian Surf Ironman Champion Open and u18
  • Three time Australian Junior Ironman champion


  • 1st Australian Triathlon Olympic distance championships 25/29
  • 1st Australian Du Athlon Olympic distance championships 25/29
  • 9:36 Ironman, Foster -(30min bike mechanical)

With a lot of years on some of his closest competitors, Guy is still hotly competitive and will give his ‘rivals’ a challenge every step of the way, especially out on the water in the kayak section of Adventurethon. We spoke to Guy and asked him some questions about the upcoming Adventurethon.
guy andrews 93 utim finalTell us about being a youngster in the surf lifesaving and did you always win?
I joined my first Surf Club aged 10 a relatively late age for a nipper. I came close to representing NSW at the National titles that year and was disappointed on missing out. I continued training and learning the surf skills and won the National Ironman titles for the remaining 3 years I was a nipper.
When did you decide to take on the Ironman series?
I started competing in my first open Ironman series events as a 17 year old placing 3rd against open guys like Darren Mercer and Trevor Hendy at Burleigh beach in a Kellogg’s event. The Uncle Toby’s Ironman Series started in 1989 and went on for 12 seasons where I won 10 events, numerous podiums and the series title 3 times. Also twice 2nd and 3rd once in series.
What similarities do you see between Ironman and Adventurethon?guy andrews im
Very similar in a number of areas. Endurance conditioning across multiple disciplines, changing from one sport to another, specific skill sets.
Why Adventurethon? What prompted your transition to Adventurethon?
Great locations, open water paddling. Challenging courses requiring a good level of skill.
Tell us about why do you do off road events now and #playoutsideGUY BIKE CROP
Being outdoors is such a healthy and enjoyable experience and combining Adventure travel experiences with sport satisfies my need for competition and travel
What’s changed in your focus as an athlete over the years?
Previously I only focussed on winning as a professional, now it’s about the whole experience, enjoying the journey, sharing the experience with my wife and family as well as the race course and competition itself.
Where do you feel your strengths lie?
As in my Ironman days I always try to be strong on all disciplines. I tend to go better when it’s rugged. Big Surf, wind, physical course.
You have spent a long time in endurance sports. What is it that enables you to stay motivated and still be improving? Trying new sports and going to new places. Mutisport makes all this possible.
How do you find that inner toughness, the mongrel factor, to push yourself to achieve things that younger guys aren’t trying?  A competitive nature pushes you to discover new levels. Sometimes a little bit of courage takes you a long way.
Describe the atmosphere on magnetic island during race weekend?
It’s unique because the island is large enough to provide the Adventure and small enough to feel like everyone there is taking part creating an exciting weekend with pre and post event activities and atmosphere second to none.
Where do you live and play? Gold Coast, Qld , Australia
Take us through one of your favourite sporting memories
I have many but one that come to mind is my 4th place in the Coast to Coast World Multisport Champs- I crossed the mountain with 9 time champion Steve Gurney.
How important is your support crew to achieving your goals?  Vitally important. It is almost impossible to do these events without support and I am very lucky to have my wife Alana with me at events to provide assistance where possible as well as document the event and most importantly provide moral support.
What’s the one piece of equipment that goes with you to every race and why? Suncreen and my Rudy Project sunnies
What piece of advice would you give someone attempting their first Adventurethon? Take one stage at a time and don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the course as a whole.
What do you think your chances are of beating Sam on his home turf? Sam is a fast runner and I would be having a very good day to win but I will always give it a big go. Also exciting to see Sam Clark heading over after his recent 2nd in the Coast to Coast.
Follow Guy Andrews in his adventures at www.guyandrewsadventure.com/

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