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A Chance to Represent Australia in South African "Triple Challenge"

A Chance to Represent Australia in South African "Triple Challenge"

Entrants at this years Magnetic Island Adventurethon, touted as one of the toughest one day Multisport event in Queensland Australia have the chance to not only Qualify for the over seas event but alos to have Free Entry and boaty hire to it whilst representing thier country.
The Columbia Triple Challenge comprizes of a 20km Trail Run, 52km Mountain Bike & 20km Paddle (Multisport)
OR DROP THE PADDLE FOR AN EXTRA 7km Trail Run in the MultiX (like our Dirty Duathlon)
Represent AustraliaAdventurethon entrants have the chance to qualify to REPRESENT AUSTRALIA in the upcoming Columbia Triple Challenge in South Africa. Either on April 6th 2014 (the week after Magnetic Island) or you can represent AUS at the 2015 version of the Triple Challenge event in Africa)
Who will Qualify?
Top 5 overall Ultra athletes
PLUS Top 3 of each age group (Ultra, Enduro & Duathlon)
-From the Magnetic Island Adventurethon March 29th 2014
Entry fee & boat hire will be covered by the race organisers at the Triple challenge
All you need to cover is flights and accommodation (event organiser can help you find suitable accom options to suit your budget).
Max Cluer From the Columbia Triple Challenge would like to invite you bring your Adventurethon fitness and hard work to Africa to represent Team Australia
The first leg of the Triple Challenge comprises a 20km off-road trail run between the start in Pietermaritzburg to the first transition point in Camperdown. From the start outside Polly Shortts Spar, athletes are soon diverted off the tar road and onto farm roads and trails heading into the thornveld. At the base of Little Polly’s Valley, athletes will be taken up through Bar Circle Ranch then onwards past the Lion Park hill and round the back of National Chicks before the final section through to the first transition point at Camperdown. 17.5km of the 20km is off-road, taking runners through some spectacular bushveld and nature reserves. While the run may be regarded tough, the beauty of the surroundings soon distracts the athletes from the challenge of the course.
Six water tables are provided approximately every 3km on the route which will supply GU Energy product, coke and water. Athletes must be very aware of maintaining hydration levels – dehydration begins from the start if fluids are not replaced and this can have serious implications later in the race. No personal seconding is permitted on the route although there are a couple of spectator points along the route. A generous three hour time limit is permitted for this first leg.
The 52km mountain bike between the first transition (after the trail run) in Camperdown to the second transition point at Inanda Dam is a make or break leg. For many, the bike leg provides a welcome break from the pounding of the run and allows for a change in muscle use which is surprisingly refreshing, despite the fact that energy demands increase as muscle glycogen starts to deplete. Bear in mind that the bike route incorporates the Valley of a Thousand Hills – don’t be fooled: it’s not all downhill ! The recently introduced section through Phezulu Game Estate will again be incorporated into the bike leg; this section is tough but rewarding and keeps the tar road sections to a minimum. Climatic conditions are another factor to consider and participants may experience extremes between the misty highs of Inchanga to the sweltering 40OC heat of the Inanda Valley. With the possibility of rain fairly high at this time of the year, participants will be relieved to hear that the bike leg handles the wet very well due to good run-off and gravel surface in most sections. In dry conditions, the top athletes are expected to take around 2h30 for this leg while on average, cyclists can expect to take 3h15 – 4h00 to complete the route.
MultiX athletes can ease up at as they arrive at Inanda Dam and put on their running shoes on for the final 7km trail run to the finish while the Multisport athletes can look forward to resting the legs as they take on the final 18km paddling leg to complete their event. The 7km trail run is an out and back loop along the shoreline with a water table at the turn point.
Individual multisport athletes are advised to use the time on the bike to replenish fluids after the run and top-up ahead of the paddle. Once on the water, stay hydrated by drinking small amounts at regular intervals to beat the heat and the cramps and survive to the finish line.
The paddle leg can be broken into three manageable sections over a total of 18km (on the water) with two short portages (at which point water tables are provided) to make up a total distance of 20km. Competitors will head towards the dam wall first over a 4km stretch, then onto a short (200m) portage to stretch the legs before heading back past the finish area over a 6.5km stretch to the second portage (1.7km). The final home stretch of 7.5km will be a test of stamina as participants look forward to being welcomed home by their fans and supporters and a sense of achievement at having conquered the Triple Challenge and raced themselves !
Check Out the Columbia triple challenge event info by clicking the picture below. (anyone intending on qualifying and travelling to Africa in 2014 please advise us at info@adventurethon.com.au so we can help make the process easy for you)
Dont forget to Register For Magnetic Island Adventurethon to be a part of this amazing chance to represent Australia in South Africa only a limited number of Endurance places available.

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