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Magnetic Island Adventurethon – A Humid Challenge

Magnetic Island Adventurethon – A Humid Challenge

Race Report 2014
MARCH 29 & 30 marked the date for Magnetic Island, known to be the toughest Adventurethon yet. With heavy rains throughout the week just before the event, it seemed like the weather would not be favourable for those attending.
With great luck, the rain died down on Saturday although brought dreadful and high humidity along the way. It was yet again another tough challenge for our Ultra’s, Enduro’s and Duathlon’s with the high risk of dehydration and heat stroke climbing through the roof.
The Individual Ultra’s had it tough although came through with beaming smiles of achievement and cramped legs. A massive Congratulations to SAM STEDMAN who was the first Ultra Individual competitor to cross the line in 05:58:35. At only 17yrs of age, LUKE SMYTHE held second place in 06:52:19 while LEE TAYLOR took third in 07:07:58.
The oldies showed they are just as tough with ADAM SMITH in first place (08:35:28), ALASTAIR BUCHAN in second place (09:24:27) while ROBERT SMYTHE taking third (10:22:49) – (showing us where his son LUKE got his toughness from), in the Male Grand Masters Category.
As the Team Ultra’s shared the pain there was only three places to take with Top Brand Cycles coming through first (05:27:54), Kiwi and Dazza in second (05:57:53) and Hollywoods Metro Men taking third (06:04:08).
1st Place Enduro Ind - Dane WestENDURO’S
With the majority of Saturday’s competitors competing in the Enduro, it was a tough competition. Last year’s dreadful humidity seemed to turn heads for some Ultra’s to compete in the Enduro this year. With 69 bibs out on course for the Enduro, DANE WEST took first place in 03:42:40 for the Male Opens. Not far behind RYAN ELLERY held second (04:02:28) followed by MICHAEL RICHARDSON in third place (04:04:51).
Girl Power radiated through our Female Open competitors with JENNI ROBERTS in first (04:39:23), LAURA DUNSTAN only minutes behind taking second place (04:56:15) and JESS DENNIS in third place (05:12:34).
It’s safe to say our Master’s mastered the tough Enduro challenge with our Males being DAVID NAHRUNG in first position (04:11:53), GORDAN WING in second (04:21:06) and DAN TURNER, proving to his new born he can do anything, crossing the line in third place (04:26:27).
Our Female’s kept it up with JOANNE FAIRBROTHER in first place (05:41:16), PATRICIA NAHRUNG in second (06:01:02) and COLLEEN NEWNHAM in third place (06:44:12).
Our Male Grand Masters set off the crowd at the finish line with GREG ELWIN coming through first (05:26:18) followed by ALUN TUNNAH (05:47:40) and our well known Adventurethon champ GRAEME BOWER coming through third in 06:02:19.
Team Enduro’s were quick fast over the line with BRENNO & BOWDS through first (03:27:04), THE PART TIMERS in second (03:38:32) and CIAN AS (pronounced Keen As) taking third place (04:23:56).
Our land lovers were lucky to cross fresh water creeks throughout the course for short cool downs along the way, but this didn’t make the challenge anymore easier. TIMOTHY ILLES took first in the Males Opens in 03:43:43 with JULIAN PICOT very close behind in 03:49:03 and Dominic not making it an easy competition taking third in only 03:58:17.
Our females proved they can also get down and dirty with ROBIN BODE in first (06:43:41), JAN BODE in second (06:55:02) and TRACEY CLEMENTS taking third (08:11:49).
DAVID ALESSIO was first to finish in our Duo Masters category (04:52:46) with JOHN HOGGAN taking second (05:23:36). DAINA CLARK took first position for Masters Female (04:46:38), followed by LAURA GARNER (05:14:13) and REBEKA POPLE in third (05:55:12).
Our Teams did a fantastic job with TEAM JC taking first place (03:50:03), DUO EVEN LIFT BRO? in second position (04:28:28) and SWAMP DONKEYS coming through third (04:31:07).
After a hot and steamy event on Saturday, the crew was reluctant to find light winds and a beaming sun for Sunday’s event. Our Taste and Junior competitors ended Adventurethon Magnetic Island 2014 with all smiles and large achievements; creating a fun and positive atmosphere as they battled through the heat to cross the finish line.
Our Taster’s showed pure strength and courage with TROY BOWER taking Males Individual first place (01:14:00) with STEVO CONNEL just under 3minutes behind taking second place (1:16:48) and ANDREW CASSWELL taking third in 01:19:54.
It was a SUPER close call between our Taste Females with MELANIE GOEHR taking first position in 01:20:51 followed by MELANIE HAMEL only seconds behind in 01:21:49 and ILONA LEFEVRE taking third in 01:22:25.
Our teams surely showed they were having loads of fun with BUSHLAND BEACH BOOTCAMP coming first in 01:02:48, A-LECT coming second in 01:16:38 and GANGSTA CHICKS in third position at 01:24:50.
The juniors showed pure courage and determination with no DNF’s for this year.
JOSHUA NIXON took down first position (being the second individual junior to cross the line) in the Male 8-12yrs Individuals (01:20:02). RILEY BIRMINGHAM made it tough for JOSH taking second place in 01:23:37 while NATHANIEL HORNE was only seconds behind taking third in 01:26:37.
Our female 8-12yrs juniors were just as tough whith ELLIARNA MITCHELL taking first in 01:20:14, IONA ANDERSON in second place (01:29:31) and HOLLY COLLISON in third (01:36:48).
Our young teams showed great team work with TRIBAL KIDS taking first position in 01:16:59 followed by ROCK HOPPING ROCKETS over the line in second position (01:17:20) and RIVAL in third at 01:23:37.
Junior 3rd place - Holly CollisonOur 13-16yr competitors were great role models for the younger category. MATTHEW CUNNINGTON was the first Individual Junior to cross the line taking first place in the Male 13-16yr category (01:06:23). HITESHIN LOPATA gave MATT a good competition coming second in 01:12:32 while NATHAN TAYLOR wasn’t too far behind in third place (01:17:57).
Our Female Junior 13-16yrs put up a good fight against the boys with EMILY DEROOY in first place (01:20:09), CHLOE MUSGROVE in second place (01:26:02) and REBECCA NAHRUNG in third (01:27:02).
There was only one team in the 13-16yr age group and they sure did make a great impression with OCEANIC 7 crossing the line in 01:20:33.
It was yet again another great successful event over at Magnetic Island and it would not have been possible without our Volunteers.
A big thank you to all volunteers on Saturday and Sunday for sacrificing their own time to help us out.
Also a shout out to our photographers & videographers for coming out on the weekend to capture and shoot some great footage.

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