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Clarence Valley turns out a spectacular weekend

Clarence Valley turns out a spectacular weekend

We want to thank everyone for coming to compete, support and Volunteer over the weekend of Adventurethon Demolish in Clarence Valley! It was so rewarding for us watching the brilliant time you were all having after our months of work put in to creating this for you.
Firstly we would like to say how proud we are of everyone who competed. Well Done! Thank you on behalf of the Adventurethon Team, without YOU we would not be able to hold such an event!
Thank you to all the competitors who travelled long distances to participate. We understand the value of traveling and are thrilled you took the time to come and join us.
Thank you to sponsors, who make our events possible and continue to enable us to give you the best possible experience every time. Make sure you head to their shops, Facebook pages and business and let them know Adventurethon sent you.
And lastly, but definitely not least, a special thank you to all the people who volunteered and supported our event in the lead up to the event and over the weekend. You guys make all the difference at our events and we appreciate every one of you.
Here’s the wrap up of the weekend!
Friday night we all gathered at the Hotel Motel 5 to pick up rego packs, eat together and listen to the pre race safety briefing. As well as ask any questions anyone had regarding the weekends events.

Forest Flow – Mountain Bike Stage

Vicki Ladlow - FC6_2520

Forest Flow start

Saturday morning the Bom Bom mountain bike park started to come to life as people began getting ready for Forest Flow (the first of the 3 events over the weekend). Warm, sunny conditions greeted the riders and there was a buzz amongst athletes as they prepared to take on the great, winding, single track through the Bom Bom Forest.
All riders sprinted off the start line out on their respective races. As Ultra Distance competitors headed out on their 45km distance, the top 4 competitors pulled ahead. James Pretto hit the lead, with Sam Stedman, Dan McLachlan and Guy Andrews all within a whisper of each other.
The Enduro distance (22.5km) competitors looked comfortable with their sprint out and with Taste and Junior competitors (12km) all out on the course, it was a busy morning of bike riding.
As Ultra distance competitors made their way around the track the lead remained fairly consistent between the top 4 males. In the women Leela Hancox was making a great time with Kim Beckinsale and Ali McLachlan rounding out the top 3 women.
At the end of Stage 1, Forest Flow, James Pretto was still in front, with 1:46 ahead of Dan McLachlan and 2:15 ahead of Sam Stedman. Guy Andrews hung on to finish 4th, 7:23 behind James Pretto. With his strength being the paddle stage, we knew he would want to keep the gap down and make up some time in the paddle stage on Sunday.
As the first stage of the Ultimate Demolish, we were keen to see if the final time that James Pretto had secured would keep him in front or if he would lose time to other competitors in other stages.
(see full results of Forest Flow HERE)

Gorge Adventure Run


The Gorge Adventure Run

Next stop was The Gorge – a breathtaking spot hidden in the countryside of the Clarence Valley (along the Clarence River). Those who headed up to the Gorge early had time for a short recovery before their race, so they had good energy levels for the race ahead.
As competitors headed out on their run, they enjoyed the stunning scenery (with many of them commenting to us afterwards how that section was the BEST and worst they have competed in – best because they absolutely loved it, worst because it was a tough challenging course). It was a hot afternoon, so most competitors were thankful for the cool off sections of river crossings.
There were some comments on how important it was to stick with the ribbons/track marking, with some people losing time from getting disoriented and not following the ribbons.
Coming in first again was James Pretto who onl gained the lead in the last 2km of the race over Stedman who was leading prior to that.The win extended “Prettos” lead in the Ultimate Demolish times. He was followed closely by Sam Stedman (55 seconds) and then Dan McLachlan (2:43 behind). Guy Andrews again finished in 4th spot losing a few minutes in the thick bush at the end of the run.
In the women, Amiee Defries finished 1st, with Kim Beckinsale 2nd and Ali McLachlan 3rd , this was enought to Bring Beckinsale into the lead for the Demolish Standings as Leela Hancox dropped down to the shorter run.
(Full results for Gorge Adventure Run HERE).

Clarence River Rush


Clarence River Rush

As the sun came up Sunday morning competitors headed to their paddle starts – these were split into 3 locations, depending on the distance being paddled.
Again competitors got to enjoy the spectacular Clarence River as they paddled towards Copmanhurst. Ultra competitors set off from Lilydale at a cracking pace thanks to the earlier rains there was a lot of flow in the river making for some really fast times in the downriver races.
First male across the line was Guy Andrews, picking up some valuable time on the Ultimate Demolish rankings, moving him into third place over all. Second male in Clarence River Rush was Lachlan Bakewell, followed by James Pretto in third place (and not losing too much time, so he held on to his first place ranking in the Ultimate Demolish).
In the women’s field first across the line was Cathryn O’Donnell, then Kim Beckinsale and Ali McLachlan.
(Full results of Clarence River Rush HERE)
At the end of the weekend – the winner of the Ultimate Demolish – Clarence Valley was 1st James Pretto, 2nd Sam Stedman and 3rd Guy Andrews.
And in the Females – Kim Beckinsale – 1st, Ali McLachlan 2nd and Laura Dunstan 3rd
Final results for Ultimate Demolish winners and finishers HERE.
We are so stoked with the First Demolish and have already got plenty of ideas to make it better next year!

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