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Coffs Harbour Adventurethon

Coffs Harbour Adventurethon

Thanks to Barry McCulloch (oceanbazz – check out more of Barry’s work on vimeo) for this great look into Coffs Harbour Adventurethon. If you are looking to discover the best parts of Coffs Harbour, then Adventurethon is the way to go. Covering 68km (for the Ultras) of ocean, trails, beaches and mountain bike tracks, you are assured of going away with a memorable experience and knowledge of Coffs Harbour.
CoffsHarbour_Aerial_Coffs CoastThe scenery during the Coffs Harbour Adventurethon 16km paddle is spectacular with a very real possibility of a whale or dolphin sighting (yes our competitors have seen them during the race!). With Coffs Harbour located along where the East Australian current and the Continental shelf meet (think Finding Nemo), and the location of the turning buoy placed just right we provide the perfect downwind paddle back to the mainland. For those competitors who are a little nervous about paddling, the shorter course options (Enduro or Taste of Adventurethon) are done in the sheltered waters of the harbour so you can still experience the challenge of Adventurethon.
Get ready for a punishing ‘leg day’ with the Mountain bike ride travelling over part of the Great dividing range that will test even the most confident mountain bikers skill, but with some very rewarding downhill sections. BIKE_ELEVATION_ULTRA&DUO
A stand out of Coffs harbour Adventurethon is the second transition area (at Pacific Bay Resort), creating a real sense of adventure and journey to a destination. Slightly different planning required for this one, but absolutely worth it to include the trails and beaches in that area.
Cool temperatures and beautiful breezes make Coffs harbour Adventurethon different from the other coastal events, enabling you to push just that little bit more. The trail and beach run will challenge and reward you with spectacular views out over the Coffs Harbour coastline.
For more details, maps or information on the Coffs Harbour Adventurethon, check out the info, starting with the Ultra, here. If the Ultra looks a little more than what you were planning on doing, there are other 4 other races to suit all levels and options – check out them out HERE.
Registrations open soon.

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