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UTR & Smedleys – What are the Adventurethon National Challenge trails like?

UTR & Smedleys – What are the Adventurethon National Challenge trails like?

You’ve heard all about the *New* bike trails included in Adventurethon National Challenge – Under the Radar or UTR (and soon to be Smedleys) but we have been getting questions about it’s technicality or difficulty and how to train for it.
One of the benefits to the trails are they are easily accessible all year round (aside from the wet season – which Townsville often misses out on) enabling you to train pretty much any time.
If you’re a local, best bet is to get out on the trails and test them (make sure you download the Adventurethon App and track yourself too!), but for those who are unsure, or who live away from Townsville and are travelling for Adventurethon National Challenge, check out the clips below (special thanks to Rockwheelers Townsville for their awesome videos).
Check out the elevation maps here: Bike course 2015 National challenge pallarenda

Under the Radar:

It’s a quick, flowy, track with a few switchbacks, some slight climbing at the beginning and a few small rocky areas to manoeuvre. The BNG Sports Ultra, Mike Carney Toyota Enduro and Performance Physio Duathlon will all utilise the Under the Radar track, travelling in an anticlockwise direction.

Smedleys Trail

Slightly more technical trail but certainly not unachievable for those who enjoy mountain biking. There are a few sections of man made rock obstacles which provide a fun and challenging ride.
Only BNG Sports Ultra and Performance Physio Dirty Duathlon will be using the addition of Smedleys (clip below) and will be travelling in a clockwise direction.

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