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Mackay's Tri-ActiV8 crew head north to find Adventure

Mackay's Tri-ActiV8 crew head north to find Adventure

PicsArt_04-09-07.15.44Getting up at 5am to mountain bike, run or kayak when the sun is still not up, you’re a little cold and sleepy and in that moment not sure why you’re even awake that early can be hard…until you remember that your training buddy or club will be out waiting to train too. By the end of the session, the smiles, coffees or memories shared often become some of the best parts of the day.
Adventurethon provides the opportunity for teams and training groups to work towards something specific, fun and challenging together. Training is always a lot more fun when done with mates, and that is the benefit of working towards something big like Adventurethon. Over the years we have seen many cheer squads, team tents, group bbq’s and finished team mates running the final beach run with their finishing athletes. It’s wonderful to see.
There are so many different groups and squads around, offering support, training and mateship and we love it when we see them over Adventurethon weekend willing each other home.
FB_IMG_1494910090026One group heading to Adventurethon Townsville are travelling up from Mackay is Tri-ActiV8.
“Tri-ActiV8 started out with a vision to attract women into triathlon – just over two years later we are coaching juniors and men – and also Adventure Racing (both men and women)! My life is pretty awesome to witness some great stuff and huge achievements – everyone is kicking goals! “
Bringing her crew of athletes on the drive north from Mackay, is Nikki Giles. Nikki is doing the Individual Ultra Adventurethon for the first time. So her back ground in these kinds of activities will really come into play. She is very much looking forward to the challenge and the paddle to the island and back. With whales in the area at the moment we think that part is pretty spectacular too. In the starting crew are:

  • Cath Meng
  • Martine Kronk (has inspired her hubby Brett to compete too)
  • Cara McCormack (previously Townsville girl)
  • Bron Hartigan
  • Dan Morton (Ultra)
  • Megan Moa (withdrawn due to injury – however coming to support) (see, there’s that cheer squad thing!!)

FB_IMG_1494910048483PicsArt_04-20-07.59.17Everyone got the bug from Zach Mach … in 2016 most participated in a team for Zach Mach and after following some of Nikki’s events over the last 12 months (GeoQuest, XPD & GodZone) they wanted to step it up into more adventurous multisport Racing (backgrounds in triathlon)!
Nikki has been mountain biking with Cath, Cara & Martine, working on skills and endurance. Most of the team have been kayaking on Sundays with the local Mackay Canoe Club (this is where Nikki first started and where they can access boats and talented trainers). The local MAD Mtb Club has some really lovely trails to train on!  Everyone runs, swims and rides during the week within scheduled training sessions, however the girls and guys get together on weekends to train together and motivate each other.
19143702_1908659629377318_8433635851426621461_oNikki shares, “I am filled with so much pride when one of my athletes achieves a goal.  There is a great belief in adventure racing that the adventure is in the training – so getting everyone to the start line is a pretty proud moment for me!  We have all been travelling a bit for events – the beginning of May we had a team of 10+ head over for the Hamilton Island Hilly Half Marathon, the following weekend 8 of us competed in Busselton for IM 70.3, then it was Zach Mach – huge line-up of solos, a pair and some teams!  Last weekend we had 14 of us compete in Cairns (3 of which did the full IM)!”
 “There is something contagious about training together – you get stronger and bullet-proof (everyone believes in each other, supports and encourages)!  I am so proud of these guys stepping it up and mixing up what they do!  They will build rapport with other multi-sport racers and will see them again one day (will be inspired by them – and will inspire them)!”
If you would like to know more about bringing teams to Adventurethon, setting up team tents or just getting involved simply drop us a line or contact Joel at 0447496489. More info on Adventurethon at www.adventurethon.com.au/events/townsville

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