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Women's field looking exciting for Ultra Adventurethon – Townsville 2017

Women's field looking exciting for Ultra Adventurethon – Townsville 2017

The girls are at it again!
Multisport events in the past have typically been highly represented by male competitors. But we at Adventurethon HQ work hard to make sure the women are just as represented as the men. (The buzz in the office when “a girl rego’d for the Individual Ultra” will confirm this!)
This Adventurethon Townsville we are thrilled to say there is a great range of women taking on the individual Ultra event. Each journey and reason a little different from the other – but all with the same determination and grit of an Adventurethon competitor. We love to see the challenges each competitor overcomes to get even to the start line. It is much the same as any of the rest of us – balancing time, energy, training and so on.
We can’t wait to see how they go over the weekend…and here’s a little snap shot so you can cheer them on also!!
karen rileyKaren Riley:
Karen is stepping up to her very first Ultra event, after doing Enduro for her last 3 events.
Having completed the Enduro in Townsville 2016 and the Enduro on Magnetic Island 2016 & 2017, I’m feeling pretty good so far, although possibly slightly under prepared for the length of the Ultra. The biggest challenge I find is finding the time for the longer training sessions while keeping some semblance of a normal life. My partner doesn’t see much of me in the last few weeks leading up to the race.  The whole course in Townsville is so much fun it’s hard to pick a favourite leg but I’m looking forward to the paddle to Maggie topped off with the spectacular view from Hawkings Point.
It’s such a great bunch of people involved in the whole event, the other competitors, spectators and especially the volunteers make it a real delight to be part of the experience.
Nikki Giles:
nikki ultra girl photo zach mackNikki won the female category in the recent ZachMack (Mackay Multisport event) and joins Adventurethon for the first time.
I am feeling great leading into this race, the longer endurance events are my favorite.  May/June has been hectic with racing for me, so it will be nice to have a small break after Adventurethon.
The open water ocean kayak is a little bit of a concern as  I have mostly ocean paddled in a double, so I am hoping for smooth waters (give me a river, lake or dam any day)!  However, in saying that, I am actually really looking forward to the paddle!  Paddling over to Magnetic Island intrigues me (Mackay to Hamilton Island is the visual I have).  I love the achievement and experience of adventure & multisport racing – we have been wanting to do Adventurethon for years, however it has always clashed with other races.  It’s all pretty well challenging, I can’t say I have a favorite leg, as I like the challenge of multi-discipline.  All of the legs require a certain amount of training and time.  I just like the idea of plugging away at each.
Elizabeth Dornam
elizabeth mt marlowElizabeth won the Women’s event last year and is back to defend her title.
“I am feeling excited to try and defend my title from last year and a bit nervous about the potential conditions on the kayak after some knarly kayaking conditions inside the harbour at the recent geoquest.  Hopefully nothing like that in Townsville this year.”
My main challenge is that I have been racing a fair bit this year and so have had to juggle the challenge of trying to stay gainfully employed in my full time physio career by not taking too much annual leave to escape to do some fabulous races.  They are really understanding of my sometimes consuming passion for sports.
It will be nice to not have to wear 5 layers of clothes before I step outside my front door!! I also enjoy the challenge of lots of single track on this course rather than an easy MTB leg on firetrails.
In a tough race like Adventurethon Townsville my favourite leg is usually “the next one”. Always good to get a leg completed without incident and I always look forward to the finish line.  The run though has got to be pretty spectacular once you get up to the summit and you realise the hard work is all worth it (and the finish line is not too far away!).
DSC_0057Olga Poberezovska
After the recent Geoquest event, where weather conditions were very messy, and my left knee pulled up quite sore (from being cold, wet and unable to rotate the wheels due to clay build up). I am keen to take it a little easier this event. Also – very much looking forward to not being cold, wet and the amazing change of scenery.
quonaGiven that this will be my 3rd Ultra, I know what to expect and am looking forward to it.  I have been on a training program with Syd Willis, from Hungry Runners, since November of last year.  Have also been catching up regularly with Sean Brennan, from Paddleworks, for paddling coaching.  I am hoping that the consistent training across all three disciplines and added technique focus in my paddling will help me to have a faster time than my first effort last year.
I work a 9/5 roster FIFO to a mine site near Cloncurry.  As such, my training has to fit in around my roster, 12 hour  work days, and the extremes of Cloncurry weather.  In the Summertime when temps hover around 40 degrees until after sunset, I have to get up at 3.30am to train, when it’s cooler.
My favourite leg is the paddle, I love being out on the ocean off Townsville. I am so looking forward to improving my time from last year and actually enjoying the race, rather than just surviving it.
Tanya Laporte
tanya laporteThis will be the 1st time I compete in the Ultra at Adventurethon as a solo competitor, so feeling super nervous but also very excited.
For my first Townsville Adventurethon, I did the taste, then the Enduro and now the Ultra, it was always my goal to one day complete an Ultra, so if all goes well I will achieve my goal next weekend! 🙂 I have had my ups and downs with training as this cold weather at 5:30am does not always agree with me but the afternoon temperatures have been perfect training weather!
For me the biggest challenge of the event will be The Smedley’s mtb trail as it has a few technical bits which are a little difficult for me, plus I only started riding this trail in the lead up to this event but I will put on a brave face and get through it. I am most looking forward to the beautiful view from Hawkings lookout and the sea view from Smedley’s – they make the tough climbs worthwhile.
Paddling is probably my strongest leg, so that of course would make it my favourite leg of the event.
Special shout out to Elizabeth’s friend who filled in answers for and submitted the favourite leg question response: My favorite leg is probably my right leg. I feel I have a bit more strength in that leg and it holds me up throughout the race. Plus if anyone comes near me I just kick them out the way.
The Ultra Adventurethon kicks off July 1st at 7am from Freemasons Park at Pallarenda.

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