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Race Report – Adventurethon Albany 2017

Race Report – Adventurethon Albany 2017

We want to thank everyone for coming down to compete, support and Volunteer over the weekend! What a terrific weekend we had, increased numbers and tremendous vibe from competitors and families.
Firstly we would like to say how proud we are of everyone who competed. Well Done! Thank you on behalf of the Adventurethon Team, without YOU we would not be able to hold such an event!
Thank you to all the competitors who travelled long distances to participate. We understand the value of traveling and are thrilled you took the time to come and join us.
Thank you to sponsors, who make our events possible and continue to enable us to give you the best possible experience every time. Make sure you head to their shops, Facebook pages and business and let them know Adventurethon sent you.
And lastly, but definitely not least, a special thank you to all the people who volunteered and supported our event in the lead up to the event and over the weekend. You guys make all the difference at our events and we appreciate every one of you.
Here’s the wrap up of the weekend!
The predicted wind arrived on Friday during set up for Adventurethon Albany, making conditions challenging. With the wind buffeting the HQ/Transition area, briefing was relocated and fingers crossed for better conditions on race day.
Athletes and supporters gathered at Anzac Peace Park to compete or cheer on the adventurous on the weekend. The wind had eased some in the early hours of the morning and competitors were busy getting ready for their big race.


Kris Plain first in off the paddle leg

Ultra Paddlers headed out past the shipwreck, Cheynes Whaling boat and then through the scenic Ataturk Chanel (named in 1985 in a reciprocal gesture as the beach at Gallipoli was named “Anzac Cove”).  After a 2km rock hopping run competitors got back into their kayaks and headed out to the turning buoy to make their way back towards transition. Once paddlers got to the turn buoy, they experienced good runners back. The 18kn WS Westerly winds, along with side chop to the Cheynes made for an adventurous paddle back. Outside of the harbor, the water was flat and very nice to be out on.
Kris Plain came in first from the paddle, with about a 4 minute lead over 17 year old Douglas Lewin, who was second off the water and Tom Chadbourne came in 3rd with Keiron Benson 1 minute behind them in 4th place. This set the day up for a very close race between the top 4 competitors.
Once back on the mainland, competitors set out on their mountain bikes for the 22km trek. This years mountain bike course was again a MASSIVE highlight for people – with great views, differences in difficulty, and terrain. The course had a combination of granite, pea gravel, limestone, sand, downhill tracks, wooden berm and even a stair section – enough to entertain most mountain bike enthusiasts and give your skills a real challenge. The granite rocks and first berm were slippery with the wind blowing straight in from the water, and the drizzly morning rain.

Tom Chadbourne had a great bike leg

Tom had a cracking ride and managed to pick up quite a bit of time (& a placing – moving him into second position). But he had sustained minor bumps & bruises after a fall earlier in the day and was just determined to keep going. We eagerly watched to see if Douglas would take back his position, or if Keiron would push into the top 3.
Runners headed out for a 13km scenic and challenging run, with a deviation off the Port to Middleton boardwalk where the track saw competitors rock hopping over large rocks and boulders only meters from the water.
Ultra Adventurethon
Elite Ultra
The lead amongst the Ultra competitors didn’t change with the final winner, Kris Plain crossing for first place in a time of 3:53:14. He was followed by a little over 8 minutes by Tom Chadbourne (04:01:47) and 17 yr old Douglas Lewin third (04:12:58).
Male Open
Keiron Benson was the first finisher in the Male Open category, only narrowly missing a spot in Elite Category by 22 seconds and finishing with a time of (04:13:20). Nathan Jones finished 2nd in Male Open Category with a time of (04:34:52) followed by Scott Bradshaw in 3rd place (05:07:17).
Female Open
Ariarn Huston pushed herself all day and finished first in the Female Open category only moments behind the Open men with a time of (05:08:06).
Male Master 40+
Troy Baird had a great day out and finished first in his category with a time of (05:54:19).
Male Grand Master 50+
Not to be outdone, the 50 plus group finished with some impressive times also. Andrew Hewlett in first place (05:02:12), Farrell Maxwell 2nd (05:10:56) and Tim Roach 3rd (05:15:02).
Team Narwa finished first with a time of (05:37:03).
Enduro Adventurethon
It was great to see so many competitors out enjoying the Enduro Adventurethon.
Male Open
Bart Hollemans was first in the category with a time of 3:42:15, followed by Jason Wallington 3:42:14 and in 3rd place was Dave Allen with a time of 3:49:48.
Female Open
Katherine Ross had an excellent day out, finishing in 4:36:22
Male Master 40+
Michael Swain finished first with 4:12:28, followed by Adam Cousins with 4:38:01 and in 3rd place was Robert MacCracken with a time of 5:10:23
Male Grand Master 50+
Ralph Flowers finished first in a time of 4:46:58. Bill Whalley second with a time of 4:54:55 and in third place was Bob Edwards with a time of 4:59:08.
Female Grand Master 50+
Helen Siversten finished first with 4:31:20 and Amanda Gov came in second with a time of 4:56:03
Team Enduro
Team The Odd Squad finished first with a time of 4:05:23, followed only a couple of minutes later by Team Last Minute 4:07:58 and in third place was Team Too Many Burgers with a time of 4:14:25
Dirty Duathlon
Male Open
Jack Dunn finished first in the Dirty Duathlon with a time of 2:39:41, followed by Collin Pass with 2:44:38 and in third place was Paul Girardi with a time of 3:13:19
Female Open
Neasa Jordan finished first with a time of 3:21:02 followed by Ninette Lorenzen with a time of 4:12:08 and in third place was Shelley Carlin with a time of 4:41:28
Male Master 40+
Jeroen Brantjes finished first with a time of 3:19:50 followed by Donny Nichol 3:30:36 and then Richard Wrightson with 4:10:41
Team Duo
Team Kabootsies finished first with a time of 2:54:15 followed by Team Barker with a time of 3:35:35
The wind had eased off considerable and the water was looking very much calmer on the Sunday morning – which pleased the beginners and juniors very much.
Taste of Adventurethon
Individual Male
Nathan Hart had a cracker of a race (backing up after competing the day before) and finished first with a time of 52:25, followed in second place by Jamie Scally and a time of 58:33. In third place was Chris Davey in a time of 1:02:49.
Individual Female
Dora Adeline finished first with a time of 1:10:04 followed by Susan Stott with a time of 1:16:06.
Taste Team
Braden Battlers were the first team through with a time of 1:20:03 followed by Netildas with a time of 1:23:55.
Sprint Adventurethon
Coming in first in the Sprint Adventurethon was Simon Johnston with a time of 55:34 and in second place was Lisette Kanse with a time of 1:14:56
Junior Adventurethon
Male 8 – 12 yrs
Xavier Wood finished first with a very fast time of  59:53, followed by Julian Brantjes in second with a time of 1:08:27 and in third place was Jake Hollemans with a time of 01:08:49.
Female 8 – 12yrs
Milana Anderson finished first with a time of 01:08:45 , followed by Rose O’Reilly with a time of 01:21:37 . And in third place was Ayla Savage with a time of 01:23:44
Male 13 – 17yrs
Jacques Swarts finished first in his category and was the first junior across the line with a time of 1:00:57, followed by Kane Orr with a time of 01:21:30.
Female 13 – 17 yrs
Sophie Adeline finished first with a time of 01:06:14, followed by Iona Anderson with a time of 01:07:19
Team 8 – 13
Team Alexandra Zoe and Douglas finished first with a time of 01:08:54, followed by Team M.A.R.S with a time of 01:13:44. In third place was Team Mia and Zoe with a time of 01:38:33 .
Congratulations to everyone who participated in Adventurethon Anglesea.

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