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Race Report – Adventurethon National Challenge 2016

Race Report – Adventurethon National Challenge 2016

Adventurethon Townsville National Challenge
2nd & 3rd July 2016
Adventurethon national Challenge 2016 weekend brought with it spectacular successes, bicycle stacks and new experiences with the competitors eager to tackle Pallarenda’s trails. This year brought something new to the Saturday Adventurethon experience, with several possible contenders for the podium and no obvious stand out as a clear winner. And the day did not disappoint. With the top 7 males being within a very short time of each other most of the race and the exact pecking order changing at each stop, we were never sure who would be crossing that finish line first.
paddle start

Paddle leg – Ultras & Enduros TSV 2016

In the lead up to the event the cooler weather promised very mild conditions and by the weekend Townsville really showcased how gorgeous North Tropical Queensland can be with our beaming sun and cool soft winds. Runners and Mountain Bikers favoured these conditions making the courses a much comfortable race and the serious Paddlers enjoyed great conditions on the water with many downwind runners.
cat logo bng sports ultra
Elite Males
With Australian Adventure Racer JARAD KOHLAR not attending due to the impending birth of his first baby, there was much anticipation about which way the race would go. And the day’s competition would prove to be a fantastic display of each competitors’ best legs and determination. Alex Hunt (who ended up finishing in 1st place as the Elite Individual) was in the lead most of the day (even if by only a whisker and you know how quickly these leads can change). But it was the battle behind him that was something else. Second place changed at every checkpoint along the way in a fierce battle between James Pretto, Sam Stedman, Luke Smythe, with Alex Polizi and Tom Chadbourne also making a push for the top spots, it was “game on”. Every checkpoint update brought us new adjustments in the lead 3 and we were on the edge of our (virtual) seats to see who would win. The final winner in the Male Elite Individuals was Alex Hunt with a time of 4:34:16. With just over ten minutes behind, Sam Stedman finished in 2nd place at 4:44:29 followed by Luke Smythe in 3rd place at a time of 4:58:49.
alex hunt photo credit lia johnson

Alex Hunt heads out on the bike. Photo credit: Lia Johnson

 pretto mt marlowMale Opens
James Pretto made the trip from Melbourne and finished first in the Male Open category with a time of (5:13:50). Tom Chadbourne travelled from Western Australia and finished 2nd in 5:17:17 while Townsville local, Michael Pannach came in 3rd (6:20:39).
James Pretto descending Mount Marlow
Elite Females
elizabeth mt marlow
The top elite females came from out of town, with Elizabeth Dornom, who was ahead of the rest of the women’s field for majority of the race finishing in 1st in the Women’s Elite category in (5:46:35). Andrea Peebles finished second Elite female with a time of (6:17:50) and then a tie for 3rd place with Daina Clark and Melanie Goehr (6:41:08).
 Elizabeth Dornom reaches the top of Mount Marlow run. Photo credit – CP Marshal
Female Opens
Carie Kelliher finished first in the female Open Category (5:47:14) with Alison Whitehead 2nd (7:17:02)
Male Masters 40yrs+
Max Kadel finished 1st in the Male Masters category with a time of (6:15:09). Damian Martin came in 2nd in (08:06:39).
Male Grand Masters 50yrs+
Carrying the torch for the “age don’t matter” group, Robert Smythe crossed the line 1st (6:08:34). Trevor Brown finished 2nd (6:34:40). Geoff Stanton crossed 3rd place in (7:15:18).
Female Masters 40yrs+
Kimberly Nagle finished 1st in the female Masters category with a time of (6:48:11). Joanne Fairbrother came in 2nd in ( ) and Quona Young put in a mammoth effort, finishing 3rd in ( ).
Female Grand Masters 50yrs+
Su Pretto finished 1st Female Grand Masters in 6:55:06
Clydesdale Over 90kg
Carrying around a 90kg plus frame is no small feat, and these Clydesdale men certainly showed they are made of tough stuff with Richard Apps crossing the line 1st in 6:19:35, followed by Stevo Connell in 2nd place with 6:37;41 and Sam (Gibbo) Giblet crossing 3rd with (6:42:50).
Putting together teams with gun athletes in each leg is becoming very popular, with the team’s this year. And it was very exciting to watch the team atmosphere in transition as they all awaited their team mate. First team across the line was RunNRide with a time of (4:39:17), followed by BNG Sports Revolvers (4:49:13) and in 3rd place BNG Sports Torrents with a time of (04:49:13).
cat logo vw enduro
Male Open
It was a close battle between the top 3 ENDURO’S with Milford McArthur finishing in 1st place (2:14:34), Stephen Francis in 2nd place (2:14:35) while Ian Anderson came in  close behind taking 3rd place in 2:18:36.
Milford McArthur (right) Stephen Francis (left)
Female Open
Nicole Burton stepped up from a team Enduro to individual and was rewarded with a 1st place with (2:59:43) with Caitlin McArthur close behind finishing in (3:04:37). Karen Riley finished 3rd (3:10:27).
Male Masters 40yrs+
The masters mastered the course with Kyle Brown taking 1st place (2:34:10). Scott Wheeler came in 2nd with (2:41:05) and Raphael Guillen finishing 3rd (2:42:46).
Female Masters
Melanie Wheeler took out 1st place (3:05:45) while Suzy Clark finished 2nd (3:21:57) & Amanda Gibbs in 3rd place (3:43:33).
Male Grand Masters 50yrs+
Graham Bower took out 1st place (2:58:39) while James Harris took 2nd (3:03:05). And Matt Sibley finished 3rd (3:05:33).
Female Grand Masters 50yrs+
Su Pretto finished 1st in her category with (06:55:06).
Team 3Pac took down 1st position in (2:42:19). Team Hit Me weren’t far behind coming 2nd (2:42:32) while Team Top Brand 3 took 3rd place in (2:53:05).
cat logo aon dirty duo
Open Male
The Duathlon’s took favour of the perfect weather with Daniel Lucas taking 1st place in (3:04:11). Ben Cooper finished 2nd at (3:06:03). Jason Peterkin finished 3rd in (3:37:11).
Female Open
Maria Hunt finished 1st in her category in (6:01:54).
Masters 40yrs+
The oldies were goldies with Kirk Peacock finishing in 1st place (3:34:27), Billy Guy in 2nd place (3:41:11) and Chris Leeming finishing 3rd in (3:45:01).
Team Rough Diamond Racing finished in 1st place in (3:00:07) with team Livin the Bean close behind taking 2nd place at (3:02:24). Team Top Brand crossing the line at (3:03:04) taking 3rd place.
Saturday had finished with a very blowy afternoon, so we were pleasantly surprised when Sunday morning started off with mild cool conditions. As competitors started arriving they were all keen and excited about their event. Lots of laughter and nervous smiles filled the transition and Race HQ area.
There were so many new faces this year and it was great to see our adults and juniors having fun on the Sunday.
cat logo cs taste of adv
Andrew Holmes came zipping through the finish at 57:48 taking 1st place for the male taste. Andrew was the fastest competitor out there today, even  beating the teams in. Daniel Rose came second (59:37) followed by Lincoln Taylor (01:00:53).
The females were popular this year with over 35 female contestants. Vicky Darwen took 1st place in the females at (01:09:03) with Kayla Clark taking 2nd place (01:09:42) and Sonia Patterson at 3rd (01:12:30).
Team Connolly Suthers finished the course within an hour (00:58:27) taking 1st place for teams. Team Gas Monkeys also did an amazing job crossing the line and taking 2nd place at (01:09:41) with Team Puffing Pilleys taking 3rd place at (01:12:07).
cat logo sealink junior adv
It was great to see an astounding number of juniors this year with no DNF’s for the day. Jy Vickers took 1st place for males 13-16yrs in (00:59:36) followed by Connor Latouf in 2nd (01:10:03) and Thaddaeus Punshon in 3rd place at 01:12:03.
Jahrah Pearce grabbed 1st in 01:16:20 followed closely by Tahli Wheeler in 2nd position (01:21:07) and Briena Dean in 3rd place (01:23:21).
Team YTB put up a fight for 1st place at 00:59:58 as Team The Dropkicks followed close behind taking 2nd place at 01:16:21. Team RDM Destroyers crossing the line at 01:24:43 coming 3rd place.
There were smiles all over with the youngen’s taking each step to cross that line. Michael Fourie was the first 8-12yrs individual competitor to finish taking 1st for his category at 01:06:59. Mack Mitchell proudly took 2nd place 01:14:32 while Tom Doyle took 3rd at 01:15:02.
The girls did just as awesome with Madeleine Wallace owning 1st position at 01:18:11, Tilleia Mitchell with 2nd place at 01:21:51 and Blaire Bode taking 3rd place at 01:23:05.
Team Triple Express  flew through the course finishing 1st in 01:08:47 while Team Ninjas took 2nd place 01:19:12 and Team Rockets took 3rd place at 01:30:46.

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