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Spectator Information – How will I see?

Spectator Information – How will I see?

The Best Look Out Spots
(for spectators)

Use of DronesRelated image
If you have a drone and would like to fly it on the weekend we ask you to simply let us know before hand (SMS JOEL on 0447 496 489) and observe all the rules and regulations regarding drones and we would also like a copy of your pictures/videos.
Bom Bom Mountain Bike Spectating
The HQ area is an easy access to 4 trail heads in multi directions. The ULTRA/long course does 1 lap through these, therefore you can spectate here. CAUTION stay off trails when bikes are around, do not impede the flow of riders etc.
The dirt jump section is an easy walk from the main road. This is where you can take photos of the Gully and the easy dirt jumps.
The Gorge – Spectating the RUN
The obvious spot to spectate from is the first major waterfall that you can access when walking along the gorge and is the turn point for the ENDURO/med course competitors.
You may like to kayak or paddle up the river to see runners. CAUTION you will need to be ready to battle some fast flowing water in a few sections. If this is too much you can park your kayak somewhere and climb up to high ground and wait for the runner to come by. Spectating is just as fun as competing. We suggest if you plan to do this, take someone with you and sure you have plenty of food and water to be self-sufficient.
If you do decide to paddle you will not be able to paddle further upstream than the first major waterfall.
Kayaking Spectating
It’s impossible to spectate the entire length in terms of driving along the river as it’s quite removed for the main roads network.
If you would like to bring your motorized boat on the river to spectate the paddle it is imperative you talk with JOEL (0447 496 489) first so he can brief you about the safety aspects as well as the areas your boat may or may not get through (flat bottomed punt is ideal for shallow rapid and probably your best bet)
Rapid 1:
The first rapid is easily accessible by a quick walk from the start line (Lillydale bridge) down onto the UnknownIsland in the middle (although you will be knee hire water so you will get wet) and crossing onto the little island that separates 2 ways for rapids. GREAT PHOTO SHOT
Spectator spot 2 from the land is the start and finish area on AMOS Lane (private property – no rapid but great spot to give your competitor encouragement) this is approximately 7km to go.
Finish line/Last rapid. The last rapid is approximately 1 km upstream of the finish line. If you wish to wait here for your athlete and take photos please be aware not to get your feet caught in between rocks when walking and to move out of the way of paddlers. This section of the river will be relatively shallow, so you can wade through the water to get there although it would be much easier and fun to kayak up stream, if you have kayak use that.
Can’t wait to see you cheering the athletes on! If you have any questions at all please let us know.

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