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TOP RUN TIPS Finch Hatton Gorge Adventure Run- Mackay Coaches / Athletes

TOP RUN TIPS Finch Hatton Gorge Adventure Run- Mackay Coaches / Athletes

We will be compiling a number of tips in this article relating directly to the Finch Hatton Gorge Adventure Run in Mackay October 14th
Each of the contributors are well-known coaches/ Athletes in the Mackay region.
Meet Martin Lambert or as we know him “Marty”
Marty Runs a Run Coaching business and is also a Financial advisor
Question: Marty what are your top tips for those looking to take on the Finch Hatton Gorge Adventure Trail run?

  • Train on some hills and trails in the lead up to the event so that your legs feel strong on race day.
  • Go for a ‘dress rehearsal’ as part of your training to make sure that everything fits and does not chafe.
  • You want to be comfortable on the day as the course will present a few challenges.
  • Good trail shoes will give you confidence on the Finch Hatton terrain – I love my Salming Trail 5 shoes. You should expect to get wet feet so shoes that drain well and socks that dry quickly will reduce the chance of discomfort and blisters. Steigen socks come with a ‘blister free’ guarantee and are very lightweight.
  • Start steady and build into the run, you will need to concentrate but remember to smile. Most of all, have fun.

If you want a chat about how to prepare for the Adventurethon Trail Run and things you need to consider then get in touch with Marty.On The Run also has shoes and gear for sale, check out his site
Get Up, Get Out, Get Running.
Martin Lambert “Marty”
0409 263 202
Stay tuned for updates from other coaches and athletes who will bring you more on each race.

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Craig next to big rock finch hatton

Most of the trail surface

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