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What do you wear to do an Adventurethon?

What do you wear to do an Adventurethon?

If you’re a seasoned Adventurethoner you will have your gear sorted by now – but if this is your first event…or your first one was such a blur you can’t even remember what you wore, then this article is for you!
So you’ve signed up for your first Adventurethon and now you are thinking. “eek….what will I need to wear?” Shorts, swimmers, DT’s, budgie smugglers, singlets, shirts….lycra, no lycra…bike pants, triathlon pants, cycle tops, paddling tops….joggers, trail shoes, long socks, short socks….tutus…argh!!
The list is endless…of the options of “active wear” and racing gear that you can wear to compete in an Adventurethon event. You may have seen the very serious nature of some triathlon goers, often with very specific dress code, and you don’t want to get it wrong do you?
One of the things we love about Adventurethon is that it’s not a fashion parade. The ultimate goal is comfort. You are going to be out on the course for some time and you don’t want to get blisters, chaffing or headaches from things being too tight etc.
But what should you ACTUALLY wear to Adventurethon and what do you need?
The best thing you can do is break it down to each leg and work out what you need individually, but if you are like many other competitors who compete in Adventurethon you are probably looking for the least fuss way of getting through the transitions. So using things you can change quickly/easily will help this.
The Paddle:
ADVENTMI13-069You will obviously need your pfd – that is a given. But what should you wear to paddle in? Depending on the length of your kayak leg, if it is stinger season, really sunny, cold (haha, not in Townsville) and other factors to consider when deciding what to paddle in. We suggest comfortable gear, that will not restrict movement and that will dry quickly (if you happen to add a swim to your paddle leg).
The mountain bike leg:
P1090792If you are doing any of the longer bike rides you will likely want to use some kind of padded cycle or triathlon pant. But bear in mind you will likely be wearing these straight from your bike and into the run. Running in padded cycle pants may feel like you are wearing a nappy, particularly if you have never worn such pants before. This is where tri pants are good – because they have slightly less thick padding – so will give some protection on the bike but also dry quickly (ie after paddle).
The Run:
IMG_0424When running – something to consider (I’m told it’s even important for boys too!), you are prone to chaffing, especially due to the water factor from the paddle leg. So it is a good idea to wear something close fitting, to protect all the…bits.
Something to consider – if you are wearing hydration packs etc then you will want to make sure it isn’t rubbing anywhere unpleasant as you ride or run. It’s a good idea to test your gear out during a training session to really get the feel for how it all goes together.
If you are doing only an individual leg – this should have made it super easy to work out. If you are doing 2 or all three legs, then you should consider clothing that is manageable over the 3. For example, the same pants through the paddle, ride and run and maybe change your shirt to a cycle top before the ride and a singlet for the run.  If you are just out to have fun, and don’t want to spend your whole time changing then you should go for something you can wear the entire time (like your Adventurethon event shirt).
As always, you should do some training in your planned clothes before race day, just to make sure there isn’t a random seam that irritates, or pants too loose and falling down etc.
So wear what feels comfortable and be awesome. And since we know you ARE awesome, BE COMFORTABLE!
Ps…check out the awesome range of Adventurethon tri kits coming SOON! Look cool AND be comfortable!
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