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Why Adventurethon Demolish is for YOU!

Why Adventurethon Demolish is for YOU!

Demolish logo genericAs you will no doubt have seen recently, we have launched the Adventurethon Demolish format around Australia. We are very excited about the NEW format and know you will be too. We have received a heap of great feedback telling us how much competitors are enjoying it so far and so we wanted to share some of the things we think are best about the NEW format.
James Pretto, 2017 Adventurethon Demolish Clarence Valley winner says, “I think the Demolish format makes it a lot more achievable and less daunting for people new to multisport. A rest between each of the legs is always nice on the body.”
Kim Beckinsale, female winner, Adventurethon Demolish Clarence Valley, added, “I liked the fact that you could race every leg hard. I liked the fact that there was time to recover before the next leg. I like the fact that it also allowed athletes to just do the disciplines they wanted to and that the courses were always challenging.”

  • You will cover the best course possible in the event areaUnlike the standard Adventurethon format, we don’t need to consider mountain bike and run crossovers, so we can include the best bits without fear that a mountain biker and runner will clash on the course.
  • We can start different stages in different areas to make the most of wind conditions on a paddle or running from a point to point etc to show off the best views and scenery.
  • You can aim for personal bests on each leg – A standard format will see you need to hold something back to counter the cumulative fatigue effect over time, the demolish format allows you to hit the 1 discipline hard, with max effort, then recover, re-energize, re hydrate and bring your core temperature down before going out for the next discipline much fresher (and aim for another PB).
    This will also allow people who are weekend warriors, balancing jobs and training, the ability to push themselves for a short time and maximize recovery and even finish closer to the top of the leaderboard due to being able to focus on the one race at a time.
  • Demolish will make you faster– making 2018 the year of Demolish and participating in a few demolish format events will make you a faster athlete over the course of the year, giving you the ability to get out of the standard long grind mindset and into truly pushing the limits for a race will make you stronger in that discipline.
  • You can shine at your one favourite leg– Over the years we have seen a few athletes who would have faster run leg and or bike legs than the overall leaders but fail in the paddle legs so they would walk away from the experience with less of a positive vibe. This is so important for athletes who are starting in our sport. Demolish will allow a fast runner or rider to stand out in the standalone event before losing a few spots in the paddle…Similarly a gun paddler who doesn’t do as well in the other legs but can dominate the paddle could sneak themselves onto the podium if they can break the time deficit.
  • YOU CAN JUST DO 1 LEG – Each discipline is a standalone event of its own as well as being a part of the cumulative stage race.
    If you want to do the event but can’t think of a teammate or can’t be bothered that is ok.
    Having spent time trying to get teams together for the events in the past we found there was a lot of call for people to be able to do individual events which has been well taken up.
  • YOU CAN MIX AND MATCH to create your own adventure – mix a long distance of your favourite eg mountain bike, add in the medium paddle leg and throw in the long run and you have a custom adventure to suit your strengths… mix and match to suit what you do and don’t like.
  • Chat to friends and family post each event – more of a in the moment update on what’s happening, no need to remember everything at the end.
  • More chance to chat to fellow competitors and socialize. During the break/recovery period you now have time to chat while you recover. Maybe give your mate a nudge and a few cheeky banter comments about who is better…so you begin the next stage with some added incentive to go hard.
  • Reflect and recollect your thoughts and go out on next leg re energized
  • Rectify any issues you discovered in the previous stage eg gear malfunction, blisters, nutrition.
  • You can do all the events but also share 1 leg/stage with a mate (eg run with best mate/ wife in the run leg).

As you can see there are so many benefits and options for the NEW Adventurethon Demolish format. We are so thrilled to bring it to you and can’t wait for you to enjoy it!
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