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Why Compete in Adventurethon?

Why Compete in Adventurethon?


The view from Hawkings Point on Magnetic Island at Adventurethon Magnetic Island – even the juniors get to experience this thrill

Why compete in Adventurethon? What is it that lures us towards this type of event…one which takes us from the comfort of our daily activity and puts us in the ‘hurt locker’ for hours? Surely there must be a reason, especially those athletes who keep coming back.
The personal sense of achievement that you feel, when you run (or stagger) across that finish line can bring a flood of emotions. There is just something indescribable about the rush you feel as you realise you DID IT. It’s not about the placings, so much (yes we know sometimes it is), but it is also about conquering comfort zones and achieving goals. Suddenly the muscle aches, the tiredness, the blisters are all put side for a moment and replaced by relief, pride and a massive sense of accomplishment.

Views from the top of Mount Marlow await the Ultra and Duathlon runners in the run leg at Adventurethon National Challenge in Townsville, Qld

Challenging yourself to do something that is so out of your comfort zone is one of the things that is a real draw card for Adventurethon athletes. It’s not just an ‘everyday occurrence’ and even though anyone COULD do it, not just anyone does. And that is part of the
Visiting some of the coolest national parks and forests in the New South Wales Great Dividing Range - Adventurethon Coffs Harbour

Visiting some of the coolest national parks and forests in the New South Wales Great Dividing Range – Adventurethon Coffs Harbour

The ‘I survived a dirty weekend’ motto literally means so much more after the event, as you contemplate exactly what you just did. The conversations over a beer with your mates, bragging about every scrape or near miss along the way…or just how big those waves really were! The shared moments with other competitors on the track, silent nods of acknowledgement as you pass by, all with a common goal – to achieve something big.
Have you ever had a visitor from out of town and taken them to the local National Park or to the local beaches to swim or look at the ocean views, or up to the best lookouts and thought to yourself as they admire the view, ‘gosh, I can’t remember the last time I came up here’. And suddenly you are seeing it with new eyes. The busyness of general day to day life can mean we forget these moments and our local iconic features lay forgotten or unexperienced.
During a race like Adventurethon, as you put one foot in front of the other over the rocky, leg punishing trails, or cycling through the trees and forests, you have time to think and search your self-thoughts. Sometimes they will be encouraging, and sometimes they will be asking you ‘what on earth am I doing here?’ But always, you have the opportunity to learn something new about yourself. You have the opportunity to discover just how far you are willing to go and to really dig deep into where the magic really happens – and we know – the magic is inside you!

Paddlers in the Ultra and Enduro go past the iconic shipwrecked Cheynes II in Adventurethon Albany

Adventurethon 25.1.14_103

Gorgeous paddling and limestone cliffs in Adventurethon Kalbarri

There are so many ways you can challenge your comfort zones, and we would encourage you to go out there and do it. Once you have stepped outside your comfort zone once, it makes it that little bit easier to do again…and this skill can be translated into everyday life, allowing you to move ahead, take risks, achieve things that you didn’t think possible previously. Don’t be constrained by fear, step out of your comfort zone today.

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