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Why have age categories in our events?

Why have age categories in our events?

Fair question, and a really easy answer; to spread the spoils among more competitors. From a personal perspective as a “senior” (read well past my prime) competitor, age categories allow me to compete against similar aged athletes. Call us masters, grand masters, over 40’s whatever you like, it’s great to be able to appropriate and own a podium title like that and not have to compete directly with the younger pups for the gold and silverware.
Age categories mean athletes compete on a level playing field as youth deserts us. There is no shame in getting older and slower, we have no choice, but as the field disappears into the distance the wiser ones can plod through unimpeded at a more leisurely pace. That means more time to appreciate the scenery, more time to chat with others, and less pain although you do have to endure it for longer! Don’t get me wrong though, competition is alive and well amongst your age divisions so you may be spurred on to exert a little more energy if you want to take out an age category medal.
Whatever your motivation for thinking about tackling one of the three Adventurethon Demolish events, or going all out and tackling Demolish (all three events) you are sure to have an exciting and fun time, just remember to register in your correct age category for maximum fun. Age categories provide an ideal to take on one or two of your “weaker” disciplines, or to tackle a discipline for the first time. Whatever path you chose you only need to finish your event/s to get a finishers medallion if competing for the gold, silver and bronze seems like hard work! I look forward to some more competition in future events so come on you old guys and girls, off your bums and join me in some fun. Let the Invictus athletes inspire you to action!

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