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Why would you race as a PEAR?

Why would you race as a PEAR?

Ok…so you wouldn’t be a PEAR…but we DO have a PAIRS option at Adventurethon Demolish this November 25 & 26 in the Clarence Valley region.
riding pearsJust a 3 hour drive from the Gold Coast, the Clarence Valley region will be home to this Adventurethon event and the NEW Demolish format is changing the way we look at sport. You definitely do not want to be the one who misses out on this event!!
So the PAIRS option is where you and a mate/family member/someone you don’t know/like but want to spend the next several hours with, head around the Adventurethon Demolish course together…side by side, until the finish line.
What’s the best thing about doing an event with a mate?
Is it watching them suffer just as much as you as you paddle, ride and/or run your way around the course?
Is it having someone to help lift you (or kick you in the bum) when you struggle and want to stop running?
Is it BEING the person who does that?
Is it being the person in the back of the kayak and not doing any work, while your team mate sits in the front wondering why it is so hard?
Or is it the savings you can make competing with a friend?
runningpearsWe think maybe it’s a bit of each…we’ve all run with ourĀ  mates and had those moments with them when we are just not sure if we can keep going…only to have them tell you “come on, we got this”.
ok…so on a serious note:
The PAIRS event includes all 3 stages:
Forest Flow mountain Bike event (more info HERE)
Gorge Adventure Run (more info HERE)
Clarence River Rush (more info HERE)
paddling pearsThe two of you complete each stage side by side through the entire course. There are 3 different stage distances to choose from – short, medium or Long.
You can read all about doing the entire 3 stages – The Ultimate Demolish – Pairs event HERE.
SAVE MONEY: Doing the event as a PAIRS team saves you $$ – if you both were to register individually it would cost you more than registering for a PAIRS event.
HAVE MORE FUN: Laugh, cheer, encourage and generally have a fabulous time with your mate…experiencing something together not easily done in day to day life.
DOUBLE KAYAKS: We have access to double kayaks for you to use for your event – saving you hassle and time. You can book these kayaks HERE.
You can also hire bikes if you are wanting to just rock up on race day and have everything sorted. Check out BIKE HIRE HERE.
If you have any questions on the event, drop us a line. See you at Adventurethon Demolish in Clarence Valley.

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