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Why Clarence Valley? And WHERE is it?

Why Clarence Valley? And WHERE is it?

Adventurethon is headed to Clarence Valley this November 25 & 26 to unleash the very first DEMOLISH format of the multisport event. This will see the usual PADDLE, MOUNTAIN BIKE & RUN split into 3 stand alone events over 2 days, with an over all winner announced at the end of the weekend.
So WHERE exactly is CLARENCE VALLEY & why did we choose this as the destination for the event?
where is clarence-valleyClarence Valley is the southern end of the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, a place of astonishing physical beauty and extraordinary cultural diversity – where teeming marine parks, ancient rain forests and thriving rural communities are nourished by vast winding rivers.
As we travel around the country we are always looking for destinations that suit our adventurous event…and that will give YOU, the participants, the very best, most enjoyable race we can provide.
So when we visited Grafton and the Clarence Valley region, we were thrilled to discover the Bom Bom Forest, the Clarence River and some absolutely stunning areas of trails for running (more on that shortly!)
Grafton is located 300km south of Brisbane, 90km from Coffs Harbour and 600km north of Sydney. This makes it a perfect location destination for people in these areas, with the ability to head away for the weekend of adventure (we hope with family and friends!).
Clarence valley
clarence river “Having traveled a lot of the country I was completely blown away with the Clarence Valley. We have been checking out potential venues over the last few months and the hardest bit has been trying to figure out what not to include… the area really has some amazing scenery and I actually felt like I was out of the country with no beach in sight and great water flow through the rivers, amazing Gorges on the run. It was hard to think I was only 3 and a bit hours south of brissy at times.” Joel Savage, Event Director
Having the event in the Clarence Valley region enables us to access some of the most enjoyable course locations for our Adventurethon event.
DSC_0724Forest Flow – The Mountain Bike course captures all the enjoyment of a flowy, mountain bike trail in the Bom Bom Forest, without all the hills of some of our other events (if you’ve ever done our Coffs Harbour or Magnetic Island events you will appreciate this!). But the addition of these fantastic trails makes it achievable and enjoyable for all levels, with more experienced riders able to make the most of the lines, features and some exciting dirt jumps. This mountain bike course is just heaps of fun.
Skilled riders will find they are able to navigate the course faster and can take A line options for extra fun and some race specific benefit. Beginners can feel confident in that there are B line options for many of the features. (We will be bringing in a few temporary features to beef up the A lines for the race weekend).
Gorge Adventure RunGorge Adventure Run – The waterfalls along the run, huge rock formations, and dancing along trails beside the Clarence river, make this run a complete adventure. We wanted to help you completely escape the “same-same” of regular trail running and become magically absorbed in the adventure experience and we can’t wait to share this with you.
Clarence River RushClarence River Rush – This river is spectacular – it has all the excitement and challenge of rapids as well as the calm of a river paddle. There are no swells to contend with, and a river paddle is rarely affected by the blustery wind conditions as experienced along the coast line. You can forget about all the stresses of day to day  life and completely lose yourself in the adventure of this paddle. It is quite a remote paddle – so you won’t see any roads till the finish line. This is the perfect opportunity for an ocean paddler to try their first rapids race.
19756187_10155501450000859_244691150_nTo top off a perfect weekend we will be camping in the area and enjoying the ability to really take advantage of the escape from hustle and bustle of every day life.
A recent study found that the average person checks their mobile device 85 times per day. 85 times?! That’s around 5 times per waking hour, based on a 16 hour day, or once every 12 minutes. Good conversation can be so easily pushed aside with our reliance on technology these days, and we love the fact that we will be chilling by the campfire, swapping stories and getting to know you all a little better.
20170726_125323 The fresh countryside really allows you to reconnect with nature, and we encourage you to bring your mates and family and reconnect with them! The Clarence Valley is just so lush and inviting that you can’t help but feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
campingIf you are looking for an adventure to share with family and/or friends, then this is the perfect experience for you. We would love to see you there! You can find out more information on Adventurethon Demolish in Clarence Valley HERE. And feel free to drop us a line any time and check out our Facebook pages for any other news or up to date info HERE.
Adventurethon Demolish – Clarence Valley is on November 25 & 26 – info HERE.

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