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Winner of Anglesea Ultra Adventurethon wins Free Coast to Coast Entry

Winner of Anglesea Ultra Adventurethon wins Free Coast to Coast Entry

Surf Coast Adventurethon FAThis Year at  Adventurethon Anglesea the Overall Winners (both Male and Female) will win free Entry to the Coast to Coast  Multisport World championships event in New Zealand February 10th and 11th 2017.

(with last Years Adventurethon Anglesea Champs Jarad Kohlar and Karen Masson Out of the race, we are searching for the next Multisport athletes to be discovered and represent Australia)


“We are happy to have the Partnership with Coast to Coast Again this year and expect the best athletes in Australia to converge onto Anglesea to find out which of them could be representing Australia at the World Championships.” Says Event Director Joel Savage

The Anglesea Ultra Course offers Ocean Paddling conditions which can prepare a paddler for many options in New Zealands rivers, if you can get through the Anglesea paddle you will have no problems technically  after a few practice paddles in New Zealand and a few hours on a rapids course with Jarad Kohlar. ” Joel Savage Said”
The Riding on the Coast to Coast is road based so we are strongly recommending the long course triathletes to skill up for a couple weeks on the MTB at Anglesea and then they can go back to the non technical riding at Coast to Coast’s  3 bike legs of 55km, 15km and 70 km and show off their comfortable skill.
The Run at Coast to Coast is Much more technical than at Anglesea however we know that the strong contingent of trail runners in the area posses the ability to eat up technical terrain so recommend they get into the Anglesea event to earn their place and Gauge their efforts amongst Australia’s Multisport and Adventure Royalty.
The winning Solo time of the Coast to Coast was 11hrs 37 minutes 07 seconds in 2016 with Sam Clark taking his first victory at the event after many years of trying and Elina Ussher with her Second crown in a time of 13:32:41
By Contrast the Anglesea Winning time in 2015 was only  just over 4hours By Jarad Kohlar and around 5 hours by Karen Masson
With Kohlar out of the Race and Confirmed as a Course Marshal and Karen Masson out with Shoulder Injuries the Search is on for the next Australian Adventurethoner / multisporter to step up and be noticed.
Triathletes who come from a 70.3 or Long Distance Tri background should easily adapt to Anglesea and with some trail running work  and paddling get up to Coast to Coast standards pretty quickly.
Existing Trail runners will have an advantage in New Zealand with the technical Terrain but will need transfer their skill into the MTB For Anglesea. Hold on for dear life in the paddle, perhaps use your fitness and and get a stable boat, remember the Anglesea race finishes with the run and often paddlers struggle on the run. At Coast the run is an important part in securing your first ride bunch and getting onto the paddle in a good place.
trail-run-coast-river-cross Coast to Coast Run vs Anglesea trail run jarad-trail-run-on-course-anglesea
Mountain Bikers – are  already conditioned to higher spikes in their heart rates and suffering for hours at a time, their ability to read the trails will also help them in the technical sections of  trail running at coast to coast. During Anglesea there are plenty of sections on the MTB where a good rider can put a few minutes on  their competitors.
shot-from-above-with-treesjump-the-tree a couple of Anglesea MTB features
Adventure racers should focus on speedwork over a shorter distance than their expeditions to get speed up for Anglesea which wont hurt as they start fast in NZ, Could work well for anyone fresh off an expedition race who wants a change of pace.


CLICK for C2C Course outline

If you would like to Participate as an Individual over 1 or 2 day  or in a relay team at the Coast to Coast event and need some help or event just want the Aussie Adventurethoners discount please email info@adventurethon.com.au and we can help make teams and find you gear needed for the race etc.

In the Meantime we will see you at Adventurethon Anglesea December 3 & 4


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