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10-20-30 training

Thanks to Daina Clark (Senior Podiatrist and Bootcamp Instructor) for the article today on a simple way to improve performance. For the time poor weekend warrior looking for a simple way to improve performance the 10-20-30 training program could be for you. Run less often yet...


Victorian Schools Challenge

Is your school the most adventurous in Victoria? The Victorian Schools Adventurethon Championships will be held On Sunday December 6th in Anglesea on the Surf Coast region of Victoria along the Great Ocean Road. Anglesea is well known for its great, beginner friendly options of paddling,...

10 tips to Bulletproof your Achilles

Thanks again to Daina Clark (Senior Podiatrist and Bootcamp Instructor) for this article on how to Bulletproof your Achilles. Trail running is fantastic, out in the fresh air amongst the trees, rocks and scrub. What is less fantastic though are running related injuries. Running is a...