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Nutrition Matters

Nutrition Matters Athletes often spend a small fortune on sporting equipment & devote countless hours to rigorous training sessions, but tend to be unaware that getting their nutrition right is equally important. This is especially true with regard to endurance exercise. It is easy to become...

How to Surf in your Ski or Outrigger

The Demystification of Surfing an OC-1 Original article by http://www.kamanucomposites.com/2012/the-de-mystification-of-surfing-an-oc-1 As paddlers, we are obsessed with talking about stroke. Terms like catch and cavitation have become common place. Nowadays we even talk a fair amount about training programs and Periodization no longer sounds like a latin word....

Athlete Profile – Dave Whitney

Athlete profile – With a mischievous chuckle and cheeky banter, today's athlete, Dave Whitney,  is ready for anything life throws at him. With a clear love of mountain biking, it's no surprise that he enjoys Adventurethon. Which Adventurethon/s have you competed in? Adventurethon National Challenge and Adventurethon...