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Author: adventurethon

Tempo Training for Paddling

Tempo Training for Paddling Tempo training is a continuous, high volume paddling session with a buildup in the middle to near race pace intensity. An example of one hour tempo paddle would begin with 15 minutes of easy paddling, build up to 35-40 minutes near the...

Common Running Injuries and Treatments

Common Running Injuries & Treatments "The repetitive motion of running can result in a variety of overuse injuries, especially in the early stages, where the tendency is to push hard to get results as quickly as possible. This episode identifies the most common running injuries and...


Improve your Mountain Bike skills

Improve your Mountain Bike Skills Article: Climbing Hills on your MTB, riding downhill & riding Switchbacks Climbing hills on your mountain bike Traction is the key to successfully climbing hills on a mountain bike, this can be hard to achieve on loose rocks, roots and mud as is...